Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Have to share this

I took this picture yesterday when we were at the pool and I think its my new favorite pic. I just love my guys!!

The Next Step

Well a ton of people have told me that they think my scrapbooking rocks and that I should try to get it published or try to get on a Design Team. So today I am going searching for my next step in my creative outlet. I have been dreaming of getting published or making a living off of my favorite hobby since I started putting pictures on paper. So everyone keep your fingers crossed for me that I will find a place that will think I have potential and add me to their team or magazine pages! I have thought about applying and trying to get published somewhere for a while, but never really found anyplace yet that I felt I could be comfortable. My pessimistic outlook is now on the back burner and I am holding my head high and confident that I can make it out there now. LOL.

Also in the next step in our family life, I have sorted thru all of Aidan's old baby clothes and blankets and I have started washing everything. The crib and carseat are being brought up here from Kansas this weekend too. Anthony's best friend and little brother are coming to hang with us for the weekend. Its going to be a full house here in a few days.

And last but not least, my sisters and my mom will be here this weekend and my youngest sister Richelle will be staying for about 3 weeks. She is going to help out a lot with Aidan while I finish growing his little brother. Then Hannah gets to come stay with me in July and she will be here to drive us to the hospital if I go into labor while Anthony is at work and she can drive me to doctor appointments when I can't fit behind the wheel anymore. I am so lucky to have great sisters that want to spend time with me and their nephew. If they didnt want to be here and help out, I just dont know what I would do without them.

Aidan is back in Kansas for the week and he will come back with his YaYa and his aunts on Saturday so I have the week off and I am completely bored. It was great to go to the NST today and not have to scold him to sit still while we listen to baby brothers heart, but now that I am home, I have no one to play with or entertain.

But I think I will start relaxing soon, and preparing myself for the full house that I will have this weekend. I better find somewhere for everyone to sleep and get all the blankets out and the house cleaned. And sure I will be able to relax somewhere in between doing all that.

And here is a little glimpse of the wonderful proof that summer is here! YAY! I love summer!!

Monday, May 22, 2006

I hate you too Monday

Apparantly Mondays hate me. I have been nauseaus the past 2 Mondays plus today. Its like my body doesnt want to get up and face the new week. I got sick this morning after taking my thyroid pill so I am dragging all day since I dont think it all stayed down.

The 3rd trimester pains of heartburn and acid reflux are really killing me now too. How insane is it to be awakened at 6 am every morning to a burning sensation in your throat and general uncomfortableness? I didnt get up in the middle of the night and eat anything to be causing heartburn at 6am. I got up and peed, but I'm sure there was no eating or drinking involved there. I may have taken a swig of water that I keep next to the bed to take my meds with in the morning, but is water supposed to cause heartburn?

Had another NST today and passed. I thought it was funny that he got hiccups while we were monitoring, but the other woman doing her NST didnt look amused. The OB gave me a script for heartburn meds and said see you in a few days. I already hate the 2 a week NSTs.
Pointless visit to the ENT #7 was completed today also. I sware I just show up to look pretty and give them an excuse to bill the insurance. I went in, she said my incision looked good and then she felt my neck and we were done. At least I dont have to go back till August now. I bet thats just an excuse to see the new baby too.

I sware with one thing after another popping up, we are never going to have the credit to buy a house or even trade in our cars when they get bad enough. I wish our bank account would just magically fill up. No more stress and no more bad health. That should be a daily equation. -stress * -bad health = +$$ Does that work?

Friday, May 19, 2006

5 things

Since I am not in the loop enough to get tagged or even know if I am getting tagged, I am tagging myself and doing the 5 things for myself.

For your entertainement:
5 Things in my FRIDGE:
* Cheesecake Snack Packs
* Baby Carrots
* Strawberry Milk syrup
* Bottled Water
* Ensure

5 Things in my CLOSET:
* Wedding dress
* Winter clothes
* Wedding decorations
* Tub of shoes
* Tub of pack rat stuff

5 Things in my PURSE:
* 8 different lipglosses
* Pregnancy calender
* Antibacterial hand gel
* Latest ultrasound pics
* Bottle of nailpolish

5 Things in my CAR:
* Cell phone charger
* Bottled Water
* Maps of the towns here
* Trash
* Babywipes

5 Things on my TIVO:
* Law and Order: SVU
* Ellen DeGeneres
* Season Finale of ER
* Series Finale of Will and Grace
* Series Finale of That 70s Show

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Stress Test

I went for my first Non Stress Test yesterday. I was hooked up to those nice belts for about an hour and listened to Arik's heartbeat. The doctor seemed satisfied with the heartrate of moving and not moving. HE even used a buzzer to try to wake Arik up, but I think it just freaked him out and he moved away from the heart monitor and didnt move for a while.

I am a little upset that I have to go twice a week. The insurance company definitely hates me now. I have a feeling that since they consider me "high risk" that they are going to get frustrated with me and induce me early. That may not be such a bad thing cause I think I want to get this pregnancy over with as soon as its safe. I am hoping that I can pick my due date then. It would be great to know when I will get to see my baby.

I also saw the endocrinologist again yesterday. Those appointments seem so pointless and expensive to me. He did give me two months worth of my thyroid meds. We'll see what they say when they get my blood reports back.

I also made a collage last night. We have had this 18x24 frame for months now and I finally felt creative enough to put something in it. Plus I got free big prints of my wedding pics from Snapfish. They didnt turn out as bad as I expected since I had only a small file uploaded. But here is the finished product.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Hump Day/My TV addiction

Yeah, right.
Sunday night I got absolutely no sleep, and then I got sick Monday afternoon for no known reason other than probable bad BBQ Beef. Being 31 weeks pregnant I refuse to blame morning sickness cause that ended months ago right?

So while I was lying awake I was thinking of topics to blog about. How lame is that? Mainly I was mentally whining about the ending of some great TV shows. Yes, I am a TV-aholic.
I was upset by the fact that Chris Daughtry got voted off of American Idol. I loved him and he should have won. I think he will still make great music and we havent heard the last of him. So now my second choice, Kat, better win.

Other shows I like are ending for good this season too. That 70's Show is one good one. I really
like those kids and after tomorrow it will be reruns only for the next 10 years. I just dont get why Topher left the show and wont even come back for the finale.
Malcom in the Middle is gone too. I was not much of a follower of this show, but I did like the mom.

I am a big fan of the gays and I love Will and Grace. I am going to miss Will and Jack. I don't know what exactly I am hoping for on the finale of this one. I know Grace looks way hotter pregnant than I do! LOL! I dont know if I liked Leo enough to want them back together. I always hoped that Will would turn straight and be with Grace, but he is better being gay and still with Grace.

Complete sadness for the loss of the Charmed ones. I dont know how this will work out. The preview said Piper is going to go back in time to try to save Phoebe and Paige and since Leo is back she may have a chance. I dont know sometimes why the people in the TV cant hear me when I am telling them what to do. That chick that brought Leo back should have healed Phoebe and Paige right there. But why would Leo get to come back if Billie is still alive? Again with the yelling. Well I just want them all to get what they want and keep the balance and poor stupid Billie needs to get her butt really kicked. I really want Phoebe to get Coop too. He is such a hottie, she gets all the hot men. >>>>>>>> YUM.

Gray's Anatomy was crap. I am not obsessive about the MerDer drama, but the way McDreamy and Finn were calling her name at the end and she just looked at them and didnt do anything was crap. And if they really killed off Denny and Izzy is really quitting then I probly wont watch the whole next season. But I do think that Izzy should get all the same awards that Sandra Oh got for her acting this season.

I will look forward to the return of Earl and Scrubs and ER. I hope ER never goes away. It is my favorite. And Nip/Tuck will be back in September. I hate all the rumors about that show. I never know what to believe, but I will watch it anyway and hope it stays on. I like Law and Order SVU but if Olivia/Mariska is gone it may get boring for me. I will watch Medium again if it comes back, and The Closer. I loved Joey and Related and they both are gone with no warning. There better be some fantastic shows starting that will be as great as those we have lost. No one will ever replace the Charmed ones or Will, but the networks better try!

Well now I look like a total lazy ass TV addict, but I do Tivo a lot and watch when I am not busy with my son. So time to go watch reruns of Friends er, make supper. :P

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Happy Birthday to me

I think I am going back to being 22 today. Not that I am that much older, but I think 22 was good so I wanna do it again.

I went and celebrated National Scrapbook Day on Saturday. Tons of fun. I met lots of nice ladies and won some cool door prizes. I got the Basic Grey Notch and Die tool and I am learning how to do stuff with it. I took a class and made a tag and a card, then stayed for the crop, but I ended up leaving early cause I got tired and my back was killing me from those chairs.

To celebrate being 22 again, I think we are going to go eat at Famous Dave's tonight and maybe go see a movie if there is one that Aidan will watch. Sorry I dont have much interesting to say today, maybe later!

Friday, May 05, 2006

Cinco De Mayo

Today started pretty early for me. I was up and at the doctor office at 830am. Got my 3 hour Glucose test done. That sucked, let me tell you. Getting poked in the arm every hour for 3 hours, resulting in 4 holes in my arms. I look like a junkie. My first glucose test I failed by only 9 points, so this one better be a passing score cause I am not a fan of diabetic diets. I need my sugar.

Looking forward to my scrapbook day tomorrow. I have to find some cute PJs to wear to the PJ party crop. I am not finding anything in my closet that is publicly wearable and that kinda covers my scar. I'm still not comfortable sharing my neck with the public. And no one so far has been able to talk me into wearing a scarf/bandanna/anything really around my neck. Today was the first day I even put on a necklace since the surgery. If you have known me in the last 6-7 years, I am usually always wearing my K-state powercat necklace and I havent worn it in a month now and that is not normal.

I am kinda skeptical on how I will feel being in a scrapbook store for 12 hours straight tomorrow. Hopefully I can keep my energy level up somehow. Dang, you never know how much you'd miss your thyroid until its gone. Some days I just feel sooo very lazy. Getting off the couch to pee feels like a marathon. By 9pm I am just exhausted and want to go to bed.

I had my mexican meal today for lunch at the local restaurant. No pitcher of margaritas this year though. I also dont get a pitcher of margaritas for my birthday on tuesday either. Ah the things you miss while you are pregnant. I did celebrate by having a Dr Pepper today though. I thought I earned that by giving so much blood away today, plus, its a special occasion.

I must have been mexican in my past life, that might explain my love of mexican food and margaritas.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Here is my belly pic for May. Lookin large.

Here is my little funny man showing his belly too. He was really pushing it out there.

And here is a layout that I just did this week. I love the Basic Grey papers.


I love May. I think that this is my favorite month of the year. If it werent for all the doctor's appointments ruining it this year I would be in a great mood. National Scrapbook Day, my birthday, and Mother's Day all in the first two weeks.

I am going to a class and a crop on Saturday for Scrapbook Day. I hope I can find some way to make my incision look not so ugly for the day so I can be comfortable in public. Too bad its not turtleneck weather.

AHHHHAH!! Isnt it ugly?

I have been thinking a lot about the baby lately. We really have nothing ready for this baby yet. We barely figured out if we want to spell his name Aric or Arik. Either way, he will probably have nothing but diapers to wear the rest of the summer.

I have done the registry thing and I know what all we need, but its just too much for me to get out to shop. I totally have no energy for that. We just need to start getting what we can everytime we go to get groceries at WalMart, which I try to avoid for the same reason. I wish we had the money to just order it all online.

Check out the pretty flowers everyone sent while I was in the hospital and recovering. They are so pretty and smell so good. I havent sneezed as much because of them as I thought I would either.

Thank you everyone for the flowers and the supporitve thoughts! I am feeling better and I appreciate all your prayers.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Rock bottom???

I think things just have really gotten to me today. The shock of having cancer and the disappointment of knowing that breastfeeding may not work out well this time is really setting in and I am on the brink of bawling today.

Then I am woken up by the OBGYN office calling to say that my glucose levels were a little high so I have to come in for the 3 hour test on friday. I was worried about not gaining enough weight and having high blood pressure, but now I have to add diabetes to the list.

I cant decide if I never want to be pregnant again because of everything that has gone wrong this time, or if I will consider myself invincible and be able to have many more babies just cause everything is going wrong this time so the rest should be perfect.

Everyone has been saying how strong I am to handle all this at once. I had the surgery without a second thought and I am taking all the meds they want and eating as well as I ever have. I am resting a lot and following all the doctors orders to a T. I dont know what else to do to have a healthy pregnancy. Why does everything have to go crappy for me. I know I should be greatful that its the way it is because so many other women have had it a lot worse and it could get even worse for me, but I just want to make sure one thing is better completely before something else goes wrong. I barely got my stitches out last week and then gestational diabetes rears its ugly head. Its not 100% certain yet, but it just adds to my frustration.

Sorry, I just needed to vent.