Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Happy Birthday to me

I think I am going back to being 22 today. Not that I am that much older, but I think 22 was good so I wanna do it again.

I went and celebrated National Scrapbook Day on Saturday. Tons of fun. I met lots of nice ladies and won some cool door prizes. I got the Basic Grey Notch and Die tool and I am learning how to do stuff with it. I took a class and made a tag and a card, then stayed for the crop, but I ended up leaving early cause I got tired and my back was killing me from those chairs.

To celebrate being 22 again, I think we are going to go eat at Famous Dave's tonight and maybe go see a movie if there is one that Aidan will watch. Sorry I dont have much interesting to say today, maybe later!

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Tuesday Girl said...

Happy Birthday!