Wednesday, May 03, 2006


I love May. I think that this is my favorite month of the year. If it werent for all the doctor's appointments ruining it this year I would be in a great mood. National Scrapbook Day, my birthday, and Mother's Day all in the first two weeks.

I am going to a class and a crop on Saturday for Scrapbook Day. I hope I can find some way to make my incision look not so ugly for the day so I can be comfortable in public. Too bad its not turtleneck weather.

AHHHHAH!! Isnt it ugly?

I have been thinking a lot about the baby lately. We really have nothing ready for this baby yet. We barely figured out if we want to spell his name Aric or Arik. Either way, he will probably have nothing but diapers to wear the rest of the summer.

I have done the registry thing and I know what all we need, but its just too much for me to get out to shop. I totally have no energy for that. We just need to start getting what we can everytime we go to get groceries at WalMart, which I try to avoid for the same reason. I wish we had the money to just order it all online.

Check out the pretty flowers everyone sent while I was in the hospital and recovering. They are so pretty and smell so good. I havent sneezed as much because of them as I thought I would either.

Thank you everyone for the flowers and the supporitve thoughts! I am feeling better and I appreciate all your prayers.

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Tuesday Girl said...

beautiful flowers. My scar is just a little smaller. Keep putting cocoa butter cream and viamin E on it. And NEVER leave the house without sunscreen on it!