Wednesday, February 25, 2009

6 going on 12

My baby turned 6 last week. He lost his first tooth the week before.
He blew out 12 candles then turned around and said, "Yes! I'm 12!!"
I know you love the glasses.
They had 6 candles on them, so he had to have them.
He's the coolest 6 yr old I know!
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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Randomness, From me

A few people tagged me so here you go, hope you make it to the end!

Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.

If you read my blog, Thank you!! And you are now tagged! That means you, Genderist and Gina.

here we go.

1. I can't figure out what I want to be when I grow up. I bounce back and forth between graphic designer, photographer, art teacher, and sonogram technician. Right now I am focusing on my mommy job and hopefully the answer will present itself to me when the time is right. I used to want to be a magazine editor, but now I lean more towards things that will let me spend time with my family.

2. I get sick a lot. I have less lymph nodes than I should because of cancer, and I catch things easier than most people. I am always afraid I am going to have cancer again. I have a bottle of Germ X in every room in my house, but I have kids, and we leave the house, so I get stuck with a cold or flu often. I am becoming chronically nauseas and I'm not sleeping well.

3. I always thought that if I had kids, I would have to have girls. Now that I have two awesome mama's boys, I can't imagine having a girl. Although I am sad I didn't get to see my hubby with Daddy's little princess.

4. I love TV and movies. I would watch TV all day if I could. And if I start watching a series, I usually watch it til the end, and I get mad when they cancel my shows. I also hate it when a show I really enjoy only lasts a half hour.

5. I LOVE socks. My favorite are soft, funky, pattern ones that completely cover my calves. If you ever need to get me a gift, socks are a sure bet. I am overflowing my sock drawer. I'm thinking of converting a whole big drawer to my sock drawer. I can't even hide stuff in my sock drawer cause there is no room for anything but socks. If its hot outside and socks look weird with shorts, then I am probably wearing flip flops.

6. My favorite household chore is vacuuming. I love seeing the carpet all fluffed up and crumb free. The lines in the carpet that the vacuum makes, deeply relaxes me.

7. I wish I had a really close friend that also lived really close. Sisters don't count here. I have a friend that I've had since I was 4 but she lives in Wisconsin. And my best friend from college lives in TX. I have some great friends that lived close when I lived in IL, but then I had to move away from them. Now I am accepting applications for a best friend who lives nearby, that would like to get lunch once in a while, and who wants to learn every thing about each other so we can have giggly chats and nonverbal communications.

8. I cannot live without my sisters. I am the protective big sister so I like to lecture a LOT. I always am afraid of bad things happening to them. To the annoyance of my husband, I pretty much do anything for my sisters. Soon I will be an aunt to two new little sweeties and its going to get worse.
My new sister in law will have to adapt to the routine.

9. I know every word to the song Shoop. I know a lot of words to a lot of songs, but I sing horribly. I sing loud and off key and I like it when people think its funny. This morning I sang a song by Prince in the car and my 6 yr old thought it was terribly hilarious. I thought I sounded good.
I like 80s and 90s music the best.

10. I would love to be a surrogate mother. Part of me feels like it would be an awesome way to have a bigger purpose in life. I love being a mom and I want to give the right couple the chance to have their own child. Plus I am really good at being pregnant. It is uncomfortable and I complain a lot, but I rock at it.

11. I love to dance. I haven't been to a club to dance since my sister's bachelorette party, but I really enjoy it and get great exercise. My favorite part of the day is when I put on music and dance around the house all crazy with the boys. I like being a dork.

12. I really really want a Pomeranian puppy. BAD. I HAVE to have one soon. Its like I have never wanted anything more in my life. I may be trying to compensate for not having a best friend close by, but I don't care. I want it and I want to love it and spoil it and I won't be complete until I have one. I even have it named already. I will probably put clothes on it and carry it in a bag. Don't judge me.

13. I have a tiny collection of Wizard of Oz stuff. I want more. Much more.

14. I don't like to cook, do dishes, or do laundry, but in my house I do them the best.

15. I like to read but don't get to do it often. I read magazines or blogs mostly cause it takes months to finish a book for me.

16. I wish I could be a professional scrapbooker. I love my hobby and its my creative outlet. I want to be on a Design Team one day. I have finished 6 albums in the last 6 years.

17. In school I never missed a vocabulary word. I always got 100% on my spelling and vocab.

18. I was editor of the high school newspaper and yearbook. I was co-captain of the flag team too.

19. I went to Florida to be in the half time show of the Citrus Bowl on New Years day 2000, with another girl from the Flag team. We practiced for a week before on a field next to Universal Studios. We were seniors in high school and went from KS to FL with no adult supervision and lived to return. The halftime show was amazing. I still have the dumb costume we had to wear. It was the only time I have been to Universal Studios and MGM. We spent the last night of 1999 partying at Universal Studios.

20. My husband and I met in high school but we lived 4 blocks away from each other since elementary. We started dating in 1998 and got married New Years Eve of 2005.

21. I hate kiss-asses and inconsiderate people.

22. My oldest son is now in gifted education. He is in Kindergarten and can read at almost 3rd grade level. He is doing phenomenal in math and learning amazing things every day. He will be in SAGE (students in Academically Gifted Education) for the rest of his schooling I'm sure. He is learning power point and researching already. He is very creative and loves to draw and he's a huge superhero nerd already too.

23. My youngest son is 2 1/2 and he is a dinosaur lover. He also likes spongebob and beating up his big brother. He loves chocolate milk. He doesn't like to sit still very long. He is very strong. I believe that if I hadn't gotten pregnant with him then I wouldn't have found out about my thyroid cancer soon enough. He was very strong through the pregnancy even though we had surgery to remove my thyroid. I had to send him to live with my parents for 2 weeks while I went through radiation and he adjusted very well. He goes with the flow usually and knows what he wants. He is speaking in complete sentences and working on potty training.

24. I love margaritas. I don't like the taste of beer or gin. I am not much for wine, but I'll try it to see if I like it cause none of it ever tastes the same.

25. I am going to get in very good shape this summer cause we are getting season tickets to Worlds of Fun. I plan on taking the boys very often. I love roller coasters and hope my kids like them too so I can make them ride with me. My sisters and I started a tradition where us 4 girls go to WoF in October and go through at least one haunted house there. We're going to do it til we are too old to walk.

Monday, February 02, 2009


Yeah we totally saw Elmo live. Little Superman and I watched 2 hours of dancing Sesame Street characters. He loved it. Happiest 2 yr old ever!