Monday, October 12, 2009


I remember the "sleep" I got when my kids were infants. In the morning, I would add up the bits and pieces of shut-eye I had managed to capture the night before, and it would equal something like 45 minutes. Then I would cry. Then I would get out of bed and start the day.

So believe me, I'm happy that my kids are a wee bit older now. But I ask you: WHY do kids have to get up so early in the morning? Maybe it's just my kids, but come 7:00 a.m. Superman (3 yrs old) appears at my bedside shouting, "The sun's AWAKE!"

I groan, open my eyes and I see his face, right up against my face. "I want NOGGIN!" he instructs. "The sun's AWAKE!" This is especially irksome on the weekend. "Mommy & Daddy aren't up yet, bud," I tell him. "Just stay in bed a little longer."

He ignores my pleas. "The sun WOKED UP!" he shouts again, pulling at my arm. And unfortunately it is light outside. (Darn you, sun.)

So I drag myself out of bed. You just can't argue with daylight. Or a chipper three year old, for that matter.

Thursday, October 08, 2009


Its fall and it feels like this year has gone by too fast. As I am writing this, I have a mega headache coming on and I can't take my super squashing meds cause I have to drive to pick up Spiderman from school soon and Superman is here with me and requires supervision. So I apologize if this post is nonsensical.
I am going to a scrapbook convention tomorrow. I have been to several of these conventions, but this will be different because I am volunteering as a teacher assistant this time. I know it sounds selfish and moocher-ish, but I really hope I get some good rewards for being a great assistant. I am also hopeful that I get an inside track for a cool scrapbook job. I'd love to travel around and teach those classes.
(I think I made up a word-- moocher-ish oh yeah!)

Spiderman is a cub scout and a basketball player. He is keeping me busy. He wants to ride the bus. What's wrong with the mommy taxi?
My nephew and my niece and my puppy are all growing too fast. So adorable and huggable.
Scrappy is 4 months.

Parker is 3 months.Nevaeh is 2 months.
Aren't they just the cutest???