Wednesday, March 29, 2006

24 week belly

I guess I am getting bigger. 24 weeks = 6 months right??

I dont think its easy to even tell I am pregnant when I wear my normal clothes. Since its still pretty cold up here, then I still wear sweatshirts and sweaters and jeans. I can wear my fat jeans still. I usually buy low waist jeans so they do fit under my belly. I do have some maternity jeans and shirts. Most of the shirts are summery, but are cool to wear under button up sweaters.

There's a reason I cut off my head in these pictures. Its cause I have not brushed my hair today and its just in a ghetto ponytail. And I have no makeup on ever.

Maybe someday if I ever get a picture of myself looking decent, then it will get posted.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Random babbering

I am sitting around all the time watching way too much TV. It would have been nice if I could have found a nice job when we moved to IL, but no one ever called and I only got one interview. But now I am pregnant and cancerous and glad I dont have a job to put more stress on me. I love staying home with Aidan though.

He is gettting to be a little mouth. He speaks in fluent sentences and says something suprising every time we have a conversation. We have broken him of telling us "No" so much, but he has replaced it with "I dont want to" and thats harder to break cause my usual response is, "I dont care if you dont want to, do it anyway." Its great that it gives me the opportunity to say, "Because I'm the Mommy and I said so."

the color quiz

Your Existing Situation
Orderly, methodical, and self-contained. Needs the respect, recognition, and understanding of those close to him.

Here is the link if you want to take the quiz.

Monday, March 27, 2006

A-Z Meme

In true lemming fashion, I present my answers to the A-Z meme:

Accent(s): Standard clear US English. On command, I can do a perfect Dat Phan accent.

Booze of Choice: Always Amaretto. I am also quite fond of frozen margaritas.

Chore I Hate: All of them? I dont mind loading the laundry, but I hate folding it and I think dishes are my least favorite. We are lucky we have a dishwasher or we would be lost in a sea of dirty dishes.

Dog or Cat: I like dogs more than cats. I rarely ever find a cat I like. Someday we are going to get me a pomeranian and Anthony wants a husky. He really wants a wolf, but that probly wont happen.

Essential Electronics: Digital camera, cell phone. I do like my computer, but I am sure I could live without it.

Favorite perfume(s)/cologne(s): I am an Armani girl. I wear Armani Mania everyday and Anthony wears Aqua DiGio that I melt for.

Gold or silver: White gold or silver. Really just platinum preferably.

Hometown: Atchison, KS

Insomnia: Without hearing snores and worrying about Aidan falling out of bed, I could sleep great.

Job Title(s): Homemaker, receptionist, nurse-mom, chef, interior designer, event planner.

Kids: At the moment, just the one. Number two is on the way.

Living Arrangements: Overpriced 2BR apartment in the suburb of a city.

Most Admired Trait: I have no idea what trait others admire in me. I'd guess my ability to be realistic, which some appreciate and some hate.

Number of Sexual Partners: Currently? One. :)

Overnight Hospital Stays: Once for gastrointestinal problems when I was in middle school and then for giving birth to Aidan.

Phobia: moths and tragedy

Quote: "I'm 23. Thats like almost 25 which is almost 30. That is like almost middle aged!" ~Jessica Simpson

Religion: Universalist, I think. I believe there is truth to be gained from all religions, and it all boils down to "Be nice to each other."

Siblings: 3 awesome little sisters. They all are different and they are all my favorite in their own ways.

Time(s) I Wake Up: I'm nearly always awake between 7-8am, although I usually get our of bed when Aidan warrants a reason to lift my pregnant body from the warmth of the blankets.

Unusual Talent/Skill: I can spend money. My step-mom would say its a talent that I can eat a whole 16 inch sandwich, a bag of chips and a cookie in one sitting. If you have seen how small I am, you would bet that I couldnt do it.

Vegetable I Refuse To Eat: Squash.

Worst Habit(s): Listening to 80's music, rarely using a kleenex, picking my teeth

X-rays: Teeth and neck.

Yummiest Food I Make: Meatloaf, Lasagne. But if you ask DH, everything I put effort into is yummy.

Zodiac Sign: Taurus. I am stubborn, materialistic and the life of the party, when I am at home.


Someone made a joke that I should put out a newsletter since my life changes so quickly and people like to be updated, so here it is!
Well Anthony and I got married on December 31st and we couldnt be happier. We are loving married life, not that its much different than it was.

Aidan just turned 3 and he is smarter than a 3 year old should be. I stay home with him and we have a blast playing all day.

We are expecting another baby around July 19th this summer.The baby is probably a boy and his name will be Arik Daniel. So far this pregnancy is a lot like the last one, except for a few problems.

I got my blood tested for the pregnancy and they noticed that my thyroid levels were high, indicating an overactive thyroid. Then about 2 weeks later I got a big lump on my throat. The spot where it goes in was no longer concave like it should be. I was also really tired and losing weight, but those are also early pregnancy symptoms so it could have been overlooked if I hadnt got the blood test. Then they referred me to an Ear Nose and Throat doctor who scheduled the fine needle biopsy of the lump. The biopsy results confirmed that it was Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma. So I will have the surgery soon, I have to see an endocrinologist first and get a vocal cord test. Then I will be in the hospital for 3 days and then on bedrest for 2 weeks. It looks like the surgery might be the week after Easter. There is still a possibility that it could be a few days before, but I am going to shoot for after, if they will listen to me.

Its a very curable type of cancer. I won't have to have any chemo and the baby is completely safe. There is another test that I have to take after the surgery, but it cannot be done until after I deliver the baby. I also have to take a pill for the rest of my life to make up for not having a thyroid, but it is safe for pregnancy and nursing.

So thats about all the interesting stuff. I am dealing with everything fine and I have a very optimistic outlook. My sister Amber and >>> her little family are coming up to Illinois tonight to stay with us for their little spring break. So I had better get back to cleaning and getting everything ready for them.
Hope you enjoyed your first edition of the Arielle Newsletter!

Written Friday March 24th.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I dont know how many times I have said that I want to start a blog and then only post like once or twice and then forget about it. Well I am starting this one and hopefully I will figure out how to keep up with it. I think I will post stuff that I like and probably stuff about my kids. Soo anyway, this is me saying I will do it, but maybe it will get big and maybe not. But hey, who's gonna read it anyway?