Monday, October 27, 2008

October fun

Had to make a slideshow cause there are so many good pictures to share with you all.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The most cutest kindergartener EVER!!!

He really is major total adorableness. There isn't a single thing I'd change about him. Maybe I'd just make him let me give him more kisses on his sweet little cheeks.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

OMG!! A Disturbing 7, not 13, for Thursday

In honor of October being Halloween month and scary movies on tv, I decided to share some disturbing stuff with you. Probably NWS and not for the weak. If you don't like it, don't look. :)

Ok I think this is just too disturbing. My kids and any kids I know will never have access to this. Ever.

2. Is this seriously being sold?? EW.

3. Why would anyone want to pee on a little girls foot? Or get kicked in the junk by one while they are peeing?

4. Please refrain from making luv to your cat.

5.This one is funny, and true.

6. This one may induce vomiting. Drugs are bad mmmk?

7. This looks painful.

Friday, October 03, 2008


I need to make batman some cool stuff for his new cubicle. He needs more pictures of Superman. Hopefully I will get that done before Creating Keepsakes Convention next weekend. All my wonderful friends from Illinois are coming to meet me there. Well, not all of them, but most of them. I am going to make my christmas cards there. I probably won't finish the cards though because they'll include a picture of our family and we haven't gotten said picture taken yet.
So I only have a week to organize my scrap stuff for a weekend of classes and creating. Need to get out of my creative slump ASAP.

I have had a sore throat and this icky cough for about a week now. I feel slightly better today than I have, except for the hacking. I was at the bank this morning to get a roll of quarters for laundry and I started choking. The poor teller probably thought I was laced with germs.
I saw a new Endocrinologist on Wednesday. SHE is very nice and actually was interested in my case. She said that since I have gotten 3 good scans, that she would like to not scan me as much anymore. One next April and then maybe one every 2 years as long as my levels are good. She wants to make sure my Thyroglobulin was at 0 at every scan. That's an important number. Plus she thinks that me being on 200mcg of Synthroid is a little high for my height and weight. And the fact that my tumor two years ago got so big so fast could have been because of all the natural growth hormones during my pregnancy and I am probably not as high risk as my previous doctors suspected. Something to chew on I suppose, but I really liked her. She actually had a personality and her nurse was sweet too.
I made this basket for my new Arbonne business. Yes, that's right, I am an Arbonne lady. I think its a good thing because I love the products. You just have to feel the primer. Its the best product I've ever used. It makes my face feel like silk. And the eye creme is making my dark circles go away in just a week. Totally sweet! And I can make great money with this business. Its not like Avon or MK, cause they actually send you paychecks. And its really easy to make bonuses, and I get to use these great products. I'd love to get some new consultants selling with me, but for now I am happy to just share these products and to get out of the house for girly parties.

I suppose I ought to go clean the house up since its been quite neglected during my flu slump. However I could go with the theory that if I save my energy and keep resting, I may get better sooner, and if I clean the house and not rest, then I will just stay sick longer. Whatever shall I do?