Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I found some awesome giveaways to share with you all....if you win you have to split it with me LOL J/k!!

Valentine Kisses
This one has a ton of variety! There are polishes and makeup and even some BEADS! Sweet!

Spellbinding Nails-HUGE giveaway!!
This one is going to be GREAT for a beginning nail stamper like me to win. Sooo many stamping plates! I have NONE so far.

Hope you, or I win!!

Friday, September 23, 2011

ABCs of ME

Well I am now getting some followers so I wanted to do this post to let you get to know me a little better.
First, I want to give a BIG shout out to my sister Hannah who, is awesome like me, and also she fixed my problem I was having with the see thru pictures! YAY! You rock epically Hannah! Love you!

On to the good stuff:
I've seen a few people in the blogging community do a post like this recently and I wanted to jump on board...

A. Age: I turned 29 for the first time in May.

B. Bed Size: Queen. One day we will be grown up and get a King.

C. Chore I Hate: Cleaning the toilets! I have a separate bathroom for the boys to use since they frequently get stuff on the seat so they are in charge of cleaning that one.

D. Day:  Saturday is my fav because I always do something I enjoy on that day. Either scrapbook or spend some family time.

E. Essential Start of My Day: I always get a can of DrPepper. My day would completely suck without it.

F. Favorite Color: Purple. Everything would be purple if I could get away with it.

G. Gold or Silver: White gold or platinum :-)

H. Height: I'm 5'3"

I. Instruments:  I play a mad Karaoke machine. I'm not very musically talented I guess. My son can play drums. I just sing, badly.

J. Job Title: Chief Executive Mother/Wife. Sounds almost professional.

K. Kids: Yeah I have 2 awesome sons.

L. Live: Kansas City far from OZ

M. Mom's Name: Heidi

N. Nicknames: Honey. I bet you can't guess who calls me that ;-p

O. Overnight Stay at the Hospital: Several. Two for each of the kids being born. A few for Cancer surgery. Another for brain tumor-type stuff.

P. Pet Peeves: I hate when people have typos. I may occasionally have one, but I know how to use spell check. I also know how to use: to, too, your, you're, there, their, and they're. If you don't, you are dumb and I want to tell you but I'm too nice.

Q. Quote From a Movie: "Roads? Where we're  going we don't need roads." BTTF

R. Right or Left Handed: I'm right handed. I cannot use my left hand for much.

S. Siblings: I am lucky enough to be the oldest of 4 sisters. My 3 sisters are the best friends I could ever have. I also have ONE amazing SIL who I also LOVE!

T. Time I Wake Up: Whenever the heck I feel like it :-D

U. Underwear: I think they're essential ;-) And I don't think they should cost so dang much money!

V. Vegetable I Hate: I love pretty much all of them. I guess I don't really like squash much. But I will eat it. I also eat Brussel Sprouts and I love Onions.

W. What Makes Me Late: My hair usually. Or just sleeping too late.

X. X-Rays: I have had several. Dentist of course, thyroid stuff, never broken anything though *knock on wood*

Y. Yummy Foods I Can Make: I'm good in the kitchen. I can make just about anything if I have a recipe. I love to cook mexican foods and I am AWESOME at anything Italian.

Z. Zoo: I've been to so many. My favorite so far is StLouis but I am waiting to try Omaha. Haven't been there since I was little so I don't remember it.

Well there you have it. Fun post! Now I am going to go clean stuff before the boys get home from school. YAY!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Oh YEAH!!!

Well lots is going on in my world lately.  I got the new hair color, you saw. So I decided my blog needed a new look too for my fresh start. I like everything about this new blog look except the pictures are kinda see thru and I can't figure out how to fix it. Anyone knows how, please let me know! I'd appreciate some help! I also can't get my dumb Google Friend Connect to work. I can't see it on my blog, its just an empty square and I can only see it on very few other blogs. I want to be friends with everyone thru GFC I just can't get it to work right.

So I am so excited to announce that I am now finally on a Design Team!! Yay!! I am on The Stamping Boutique team and I am joining a lot of talented girls.  Here are my first two projects.

 These cards are made using  TSB images drawn by Tracey Malnofski. She is so talented and ALL the images are so amazing!!
I am entering Fall Froggy in the following challenges:

  I used Dazzle Fall Stickers on both of these cards. They are detailed and so pretty I wish I had more of these stickers! On my froggy card I put down two of the stickers and then sprayed some Tattered Angels shimmer spray and then removed the sticker for a cool masked effect. I love using the sprays so watch for more projects using them in the future!
 I am entering this card in the following challenges:

I colored both of the images using some regular markers and some Copic markers that I borrowed from a friend. I love the way Copic's color so I'm going to need to start stocking up on some of them for myself.

Well thanks for checking out my creations. Stay tuned because I plan on doing a nail polish challenge and posting my pretty mani's in the next few days!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I did my nails today. I used Antiqued Gold Crackle by Sally Hansen, over a beautiful burgundy called Carry On by Essie. I think it really compliments my new red hair color.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Many Lovely Returns

Its been a while since I blogged and i just want to pop in real quick to say that i am going to start posting my crafty stuff on here a lot more. So here is a sneak peek at a banner I made an I will post some close up pictures soon. I am also going to change the letter R on this banner cause it looks like an N or an H. Its going to go in my scrapbook room. Here you go!