Friday, April 25, 2008

Made a card

I think its my most favoritest that I have ever made. And I just did it in half an hour. It was fun. The challenge was to use black+white+one color. This card is going to my friend's daughter for her wedding.

Had to share it cause I am entering it in a challenge on my friend's blog.
For Caardvarks.

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Stupid neck

I think necks are worthless. Mine only has problems. And its not very pretty.
Saw the Endo man on Tuesday and he found an enlarged lymph node. Since I haven't had a cold, this is very unsettling. Endo man thinks thyroid c-bomb may have spread to lymphs. Before he found the lump he said I could have my next scan in November, but then changed his mind so I have to get it ASAP. So its scheduled for me to get thyrogen injections and scan the 5th thru 9th. The 9th just happens to be my birthday. Not only do I get to lay on a cold table, ever so early in the morning that day, but I also get to go see Endo man again and get poked in the arm by bloodninja-nurse!! WOO! (Insert sarcasm) Pending the results of the scan I may have RAI again or get my lymph node popped out. My sonographer says there is only one node thats big which is good because its isolated I guess, but she thinks I should have it removed even if the scan is good or bad.

There are a bajillion other things I would like to do for my birthday. I wish they were having a midnight showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show. That's where I would be.

Last weekend I helped my little sisters get ready for their prom. Ahhh memories. Batman and I went to 3 proms together.

Ten years ago, Batman and I went to our first prom together. We had tons of fun. I can't imagine how much all that cost us back then. I know my sisters had to spend a ton more than we did though.

Last weekend we also went to a benefit dance for Batman's grandma who is living in an RV outside a hospital waiting for a lung transplant. The silent auction went well.
Then we let Spiderman go camping with his aunt. We joined them for smores but not for the sleeping in tents. Spiderman loved the night in the tent though. Then he went fishing with his grandpa. He also went bowling with his grandma. Busy weekend for a 5 year old.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I suck

I just can't find time to blog much anymore. I am trying to scrapbook more. I am almost finished with my wedding scrapbook, then I want to quickly catch up on the boys albums. HAHAH!! I also want to do a mini album of my sister's wedding. It would be nice if I had her album done by 7/7/08 for her anniversary, but that would be a big stretch.

Batman is being interviewed on Friday for a job in Kansas City. That would move us 6 hours closer to our family. Kind of scary cause we'll have to find a place to live and a place for Aidan to go to school as soon as we find out he gets the job. I really hope he does cause then we don't have to worry about him losing his job at any moment. So we will be in Kansas Thursday thru Sunday.
Speaking of the days....Today is National Stress Awareness Day. I am aware of my stress thank you.
Tomorrow is
National Cheese Ball Day-who is bringing me a cheeseball?
Thursday is
National Animal Cracker Day- I have a huge jug of Animal Crackers that I can't seem to get rid of.
Friday is
Garlic Day so I will have to remember to eat lots of it, yum.
Saturday is
Cuckoo Day. It is also the day of the benefit dance for Batman's grandma. She is living in an RV in the parking lot of a hospital in OKC while she waits for a lung transplant. Someone should take her a Cheeseball.
Sunday is
Tuna Rights Day so make sure you don't eat any tuna that day.
Monday is Earth Day. Make sure to change your lightbulbs to more energy efficient fluorescent ones, and pick up some trash from your neighborhood and do anything else you can to save energy and love the earth.

Thats my rant for today. Busy busy. Have to change a diaper and pick up a kid from preschool. <3>