Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Next Step

Well a ton of people have told me that they think my scrapbooking rocks and that I should try to get it published or try to get on a Design Team. So today I am going searching for my next step in my creative outlet. I have been dreaming of getting published or making a living off of my favorite hobby since I started putting pictures on paper. So everyone keep your fingers crossed for me that I will find a place that will think I have potential and add me to their team or magazine pages! I have thought about applying and trying to get published somewhere for a while, but never really found anyplace yet that I felt I could be comfortable. My pessimistic outlook is now on the back burner and I am holding my head high and confident that I can make it out there now. LOL.

Also in the next step in our family life, I have sorted thru all of Aidan's old baby clothes and blankets and I have started washing everything. The crib and carseat are being brought up here from Kansas this weekend too. Anthony's best friend and little brother are coming to hang with us for the weekend. Its going to be a full house here in a few days.

And last but not least, my sisters and my mom will be here this weekend and my youngest sister Richelle will be staying for about 3 weeks. She is going to help out a lot with Aidan while I finish growing his little brother. Then Hannah gets to come stay with me in July and she will be here to drive us to the hospital if I go into labor while Anthony is at work and she can drive me to doctor appointments when I can't fit behind the wheel anymore. I am so lucky to have great sisters that want to spend time with me and their nephew. If they didnt want to be here and help out, I just dont know what I would do without them.

Aidan is back in Kansas for the week and he will come back with his YaYa and his aunts on Saturday so I have the week off and I am completely bored. It was great to go to the NST today and not have to scold him to sit still while we listen to baby brothers heart, but now that I am home, I have no one to play with or entertain.

But I think I will start relaxing soon, and preparing myself for the full house that I will have this weekend. I better find somewhere for everyone to sleep and get all the blankets out and the house cleaned. And sure I will be able to relax somewhere in between doing all that.

And here is a little glimpse of the wonderful proof that summer is here! YAY! I love summer!!

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Misty said...

I know that your scrapbooking rocks! It is awesome! I am sure you will be published one day. I hope you have fun when everybody comes up there. You don't need to be cleaning before they get there though, surely that is what they want to do when they get there. LOL! You are very fortunate to have those girls just waiting to come help you out. I wish I would have had some help when I had mine. Tell everyone I said Hi! And you take it easy, going from 1 to 2 is a HUGE step. Sending love, Misty