Thursday, May 18, 2006

Stress Test

I went for my first Non Stress Test yesterday. I was hooked up to those nice belts for about an hour and listened to Arik's heartbeat. The doctor seemed satisfied with the heartrate of moving and not moving. HE even used a buzzer to try to wake Arik up, but I think it just freaked him out and he moved away from the heart monitor and didnt move for a while.

I am a little upset that I have to go twice a week. The insurance company definitely hates me now. I have a feeling that since they consider me "high risk" that they are going to get frustrated with me and induce me early. That may not be such a bad thing cause I think I want to get this pregnancy over with as soon as its safe. I am hoping that I can pick my due date then. It would be great to know when I will get to see my baby.

I also saw the endocrinologist again yesterday. Those appointments seem so pointless and expensive to me. He did give me two months worth of my thyroid meds. We'll see what they say when they get my blood reports back.

I also made a collage last night. We have had this 18x24 frame for months now and I finally felt creative enough to put something in it. Plus I got free big prints of my wedding pics from Snapfish. They didnt turn out as bad as I expected since I had only a small file uploaded. But here is the finished product.

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