Friday, May 05, 2006

Cinco De Mayo

Today started pretty early for me. I was up and at the doctor office at 830am. Got my 3 hour Glucose test done. That sucked, let me tell you. Getting poked in the arm every hour for 3 hours, resulting in 4 holes in my arms. I look like a junkie. My first glucose test I failed by only 9 points, so this one better be a passing score cause I am not a fan of diabetic diets. I need my sugar.

Looking forward to my scrapbook day tomorrow. I have to find some cute PJs to wear to the PJ party crop. I am not finding anything in my closet that is publicly wearable and that kinda covers my scar. I'm still not comfortable sharing my neck with the public. And no one so far has been able to talk me into wearing a scarf/bandanna/anything really around my neck. Today was the first day I even put on a necklace since the surgery. If you have known me in the last 6-7 years, I am usually always wearing my K-state powercat necklace and I havent worn it in a month now and that is not normal.

I am kinda skeptical on how I will feel being in a scrapbook store for 12 hours straight tomorrow. Hopefully I can keep my energy level up somehow. Dang, you never know how much you'd miss your thyroid until its gone. Some days I just feel sooo very lazy. Getting off the couch to pee feels like a marathon. By 9pm I am just exhausted and want to go to bed.

I had my mexican meal today for lunch at the local restaurant. No pitcher of margaritas this year though. I also dont get a pitcher of margaritas for my birthday on tuesday either. Ah the things you miss while you are pregnant. I did celebrate by having a Dr Pepper today though. I thought I earned that by giving so much blood away today, plus, its a special occasion.

I must have been mexican in my past life, that might explain my love of mexican food and margaritas.

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