Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Hump Day/My TV addiction

Yeah, right.
Sunday night I got absolutely no sleep, and then I got sick Monday afternoon for no known reason other than probable bad BBQ Beef. Being 31 weeks pregnant I refuse to blame morning sickness cause that ended months ago right?

So while I was lying awake I was thinking of topics to blog about. How lame is that? Mainly I was mentally whining about the ending of some great TV shows. Yes, I am a TV-aholic.
I was upset by the fact that Chris Daughtry got voted off of American Idol. I loved him and he should have won. I think he will still make great music and we havent heard the last of him. So now my second choice, Kat, better win.

Other shows I like are ending for good this season too. That 70's Show is one good one. I really
like those kids and after tomorrow it will be reruns only for the next 10 years. I just dont get why Topher left the show and wont even come back for the finale.
Malcom in the Middle is gone too. I was not much of a follower of this show, but I did like the mom.

I am a big fan of the gays and I love Will and Grace. I am going to miss Will and Jack. I don't know what exactly I am hoping for on the finale of this one. I know Grace looks way hotter pregnant than I do! LOL! I dont know if I liked Leo enough to want them back together. I always hoped that Will would turn straight and be with Grace, but he is better being gay and still with Grace.

Complete sadness for the loss of the Charmed ones. I dont know how this will work out. The preview said Piper is going to go back in time to try to save Phoebe and Paige and since Leo is back she may have a chance. I dont know sometimes why the people in the TV cant hear me when I am telling them what to do. That chick that brought Leo back should have healed Phoebe and Paige right there. But why would Leo get to come back if Billie is still alive? Again with the yelling. Well I just want them all to get what they want and keep the balance and poor stupid Billie needs to get her butt really kicked. I really want Phoebe to get Coop too. He is such a hottie, she gets all the hot men. >>>>>>>> YUM.

Gray's Anatomy was crap. I am not obsessive about the MerDer drama, but the way McDreamy and Finn were calling her name at the end and she just looked at them and didnt do anything was crap. And if they really killed off Denny and Izzy is really quitting then I probly wont watch the whole next season. But I do think that Izzy should get all the same awards that Sandra Oh got for her acting this season.

I will look forward to the return of Earl and Scrubs and ER. I hope ER never goes away. It is my favorite. And Nip/Tuck will be back in September. I hate all the rumors about that show. I never know what to believe, but I will watch it anyway and hope it stays on. I like Law and Order SVU but if Olivia/Mariska is gone it may get boring for me. I will watch Medium again if it comes back, and The Closer. I loved Joey and Related and they both are gone with no warning. There better be some fantastic shows starting that will be as great as those we have lost. No one will ever replace the Charmed ones or Will, but the networks better try!

Well now I look like a total lazy ass TV addict, but I do Tivo a lot and watch when I am not busy with my son. So time to go watch reruns of Friends er, make supper. :P

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