Monday, May 22, 2006

I hate you too Monday

Apparantly Mondays hate me. I have been nauseaus the past 2 Mondays plus today. Its like my body doesnt want to get up and face the new week. I got sick this morning after taking my thyroid pill so I am dragging all day since I dont think it all stayed down.

The 3rd trimester pains of heartburn and acid reflux are really killing me now too. How insane is it to be awakened at 6 am every morning to a burning sensation in your throat and general uncomfortableness? I didnt get up in the middle of the night and eat anything to be causing heartburn at 6am. I got up and peed, but I'm sure there was no eating or drinking involved there. I may have taken a swig of water that I keep next to the bed to take my meds with in the morning, but is water supposed to cause heartburn?

Had another NST today and passed. I thought it was funny that he got hiccups while we were monitoring, but the other woman doing her NST didnt look amused. The OB gave me a script for heartburn meds and said see you in a few days. I already hate the 2 a week NSTs.
Pointless visit to the ENT #7 was completed today also. I sware I just show up to look pretty and give them an excuse to bill the insurance. I went in, she said my incision looked good and then she felt my neck and we were done. At least I dont have to go back till August now. I bet thats just an excuse to see the new baby too.

I sware with one thing after another popping up, we are never going to have the credit to buy a house or even trade in our cars when they get bad enough. I wish our bank account would just magically fill up. No more stress and no more bad health. That should be a daily equation. -stress * -bad health = +$$ Does that work?

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Jonniker said...

I hope hope hope that by now you are feeling better. I was away and am just now catching up, of course.

But I also wanted to tell you that not to stress if one or two thyroid pills doesn't stay down - it won't affect your day. The pill you take today isn't for *today* - it's for roughly *five days from now* (! I know!), because the half-life of the pill is really, really long, and that's usually when the pill you take today will take effect. Which is also why your bloodwork needs to be checked every six weeks, since changes won't show up until then.

So, don't worry if something like that happens again. One or two pills over the course of a month, or even week, or two, won't hurt you one bit.