Tuesday, November 07, 2006

In Lieu of Halloween

At night I lay awake for hours. Tons of things run thru my head. Sometimes I get a pause in the internal monologue and I think, "I should blog this." Does that make me crazy?

NOTE: The following short story will either bore you or entertain you. Comments are welcome. I know I am not the best story writer, but consider it a rough draft.

I was thinking about writing my own scary movie. I ran a plot around and I could see what I wanted in my head. Its not a gory horror movie but more of a haunting spookfest. Basically my story is about a big beautiful bed and breakfast mansion with 10 floors. A young debutante lived there in the 1920s with her mean doctor stepfather and her psychologically damaged mother. Well something happened to the girl and she "falls" from the top floor balcony, through a glass roof, into the pool and dies. She haunts the top two floors because that is where a terrible event occurred. Sometimes she watches people while they are sleeping but only hurts people occaisionally on the top floors. An elderly lady runs the bed and breakfast now and has blocked off the top two floors.

My sisters and I and our significant others are staying there and we are on the 8th floor and hear noises above us so we go exploring. Our group gets separated on the 9th floor and I am wandering around with my youngest sister who is 14 and my oldest little sister's fiancee. Richelle leads us up to the 10th floor and we see tons of beautiful rooms and furniture that I can see but can't describe. Then we find a dark room that looks like a hospital room. There is a window in there with the shutters banging. My sister goes over to look out and suddenly faints. My other sister's fiancee catches her before she falls forward out the window. When we get her to wake up, she seems different. She has been posessed by the ghost girl and is really really mad. She leads us down a different set of stairs than what we came up. The old caretaker lady finds us coming down and gets really mad cause we were not allowed in that section, and the only way we could be where we are is if we went all the way up and now we dont know what we have done, and she makes a big scene about how we have really screwed up. Well weget away from her and go all the way to the basement and find a room like the one upstairs that looks like a tragic hospital room with restraints on the bed and old metal machines that look illegal and torturous. There is a bookcase in there with files and my posessed sister grabs a bunch.

Then she leads us thru some secret passageways under the pool and then we come out in the pool room. The water in the pool turns red and the ghost girl dives in. She comes up with a necklace and then heads back towards the secret passageway. A secret door in the passageway leads to a long tunnel and we come out in a foggy field. When we get to the only tree in the field, Richelle faints again and the ghost is free. Well my other sister's fiancee thinks that we should dig cause this is probably where the ghosts body is buried. We dig her up and take her body to the family graveyard behind the house and bury it there where her headstone is. We throw in the necklace she got from the pool and she stops haunting the mansion because she is finally at rest. I know, just the main points. I need to think about what was found in the files and how to prove what really happened to her. I am thinking it has to do with her mean and psycho stepdad.

Well I think that to finish up this post I will just add some pictures of the cutest little trick or treaters. We had fun taking the boys around to collect candy. As if we needed more candy. It was a little cold but they both stayed pretty warm. Hope you all had a Happy Halloween too!

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