Monday, November 13, 2006

Do it! Do it! ~I cant think of a good title :)

We are taking Superman for his second round of immunizations tomorrow. HE did quite well with the first round but I never want to see him in any kind of pain.

Now for my first Monday MeMe....hopefully I can find more meme topics so I can do this every week.

Nicknames:~Honey, Sis, Mommy, Babe.
Mother’s Name:~ Heidi
Father’s Name:~ Rick
Favorite Drink:~ DrPepper
Tattoos:~ Nope, but I would like one.
Body Piercings:~ I have a total of 5; four in my ears and one in my tongue.
How much do you love you job 0-10:~ 10 BABY!!!
Birthplace:~ A-town, Kansas
Favorite Vacation Spot:~ What is Vacation? We like local county fairs and amusement parks.
Solen any traffic signs:~ AM I STUPID? Who would want a traffic sign? Well back in high school me and my girls got some blinkies.
2 door or 4 door?~ 4 door
Salad Dressing:~ Italian
Favorite Pie:~ Cheesecake, does that count as a pie? lol
Favorite Movie:~ Oh so many, French Kiss is always on the list.
Favorite Holiday:~ TIE!! Christmas and Thanksgiving!
Favorite Food:~ Mexican
Favorite Day Of The Week:~ Saturday
Favorite Soap:~ Bath and Body works
Toothpaste:~The Pro-Health Cinnamon, feels so good
Smell:~ coffee lately attracts my nose, and apple pie with lots of cinnamon
What do you do to relax:~ Watch T.V. and cuddle with my hubby or my babies!
Where do you see your self in 10 years:~ Running back and forth between kids soccer games and doing something big in the scrapbook world.
What do you do when bored:~ What are you doing right now?!? Yep, that’s right you are reading my blog.. when I am bored.. I read YOUR blog!! So let me know if you read this one so I can read yours. Thanks!

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genderist said...

You can never go wrong with cheesecake.