Friday, November 10, 2006

Housing gripe

Oops I forgot to post yesterday. Dang. Someone give me their thyroid so I can remember stuff please!?
Well we have been in our new duplex for over two months now and still haven't gotten our deposit back from our old apartment. Rumor has it that in the state of IL, your deposit must be postmarked within 30 days of your moveout. If any money is withheld, the leasing company is required to itemize all damages and provide you with copies of all bills or receipts. If they do not refund your money or provide you with an itemize statement of how it was applied, they are required to return the entire deposit under Illinois law.

So we never liked this apartment manager anyway and I called at the beginning of October which was one month after we moved out and told them that I hadn't gotten our deposit back. The assistant manager said she had to check with the main office and she would call me back. Well 2 weeks later I called back after not hearing anything. Again she told me that the main office hadn't told her anything so she would check with them again and get back to me. Then, Halloween day I called again cause no one called me back AGAIN. This time I got to talk to the "fat bitch" aka the manager. She said she thinks the hold up is because we didnt turn in a 30 day notice. But she isnt sure so she has to talk to the main office and check our file to know for sure. And of course she will call me back. Well over a week later she has not called back. So now I think I will call her and tell her that I know what the law says. I am also looking for a housing authority or something to talk to about this.
A six hundred dollar deposit is not something that we can just let slide. Especially now that the surgery and all the doctor bill from this c-bomb are coming in.

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