Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Some of my Christmas wishlist

Every time we go to the store or every time there is a toy commercial on TV, Spiderman says, "Mommy can I have that?" about practically everything. I always tell him to put it on his christmas list and ask Santa. Its my turn to tell santa what I want.

1. This curly wire thing from Pottery Barn to hold my scrapbook creations and some of Spiderman's artwork.

2. Pottery Barn sparked my fancy and I want this wall organizer for more scrap stuff.

3. I am never going to get this cause its so freaking expensive, but that wont stop me from wanting, The One With All 10 Seasons

4. This fabulous camera that I need is too much too: http://www.amazon.com/Canon-Digital-Rebel-XT-f3-5-5-6/dp/B0007QKN22/ref=pd_ys_qtk_wl/002-1953106-6943221

5. This bed set would be totally sweet. http://www.amazon.com/Kansas-Wildcats-Complete-Bedroom-Package/dp/B000I6W2SY/sr=1-115/qid=1163528430/ref=sr_1_115/002-1953106-6943221?ie=UTF8&s=bedbath

6. Some comfy boots. http://www.skechers.com/catalog/browse.do?function=displayProductList&gender=W&catId=-1&index=0&viewAll=false&sort=newest&prodId=18295
or these http://www.skechers.com/catalog/browse.do?function=displayProductList&gender=W&catId=1&index=1&viewAll=false&sort=newest&prodId=5104
And some HOT boots for fun http://www.skechers.com/catalog/browse.do?function=displayProductList&gender=W&catId=2&index=0&viewAll=false&sort=newest&prodId=14435&styleCode=30626

7. This is really a good deal on scrapbook mobility. http://www.qvc.com/qic/qvcapp.aspx/app.detail/walk.yah.0012~E880~E814 Not in blue or green though.

8. A few of these might get me organized too. Maybe. http://www.qvc.com/qic/qvcapp.aspx/app.detail/walk.yah.0012~E880~E814

9. I also have an Old Navy wish list....who doesnt? http://www.oldnavy.com/browse/home.do?cid=5151&mlink=9630,438095,0&clink=438095

10. And I'd love a Build a Bear GC. http://www.buildabear.com/default.aspx?sc_ppd=PS_Holiday_build_a_bear_goog

Well thats about it for now, I may add more as I think of stuff.

2 comments from beautiful people!:

Sean Carter said...

Wow!! That was an extensive list nad expensive too!! Hope Santa gives them all to you!! Here's some more cool and exciting ideas about Christmas on my Holiday Blog. You can jus peep in to check them out!!

Arielle said...

WTF was that?