Sunday, November 12, 2006

oops I did it again

Maybe my goal will be to post at least every other day since I am not too good at the every day thing.
Well my sisters are all coming up here for Thanksgiving. And my one sister is bringing her fiancee and his 3 kids and my mom is also coming. She may be bringing her new fiancee too, I dont know yet. So that means I have to plan a dinner for 12 people. I cooked dinner 2 years ago for 5 people and that was pretty easy. Just one turkey fed everyone and the rest of the stuff wasnt too hard.
So I need some help. Send me your favorite big recipie for side dishes. I dont want to have to make 3 green bean casseroles and 10 pounds of mashed potatoes. What to do?

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Tuesday Girl said...

My family is huge so we usually have a lasagna in addition to the turkey.
Or howabout a sweet potato casserole or pease sauteed with a little olive oil and shallots. yum!