Monday, November 20, 2006

Simple Pleasures MeMe

When was the last time you _______________?

1. Took a bubble bath? I think I was still pregnant and we were in our old apartment. It must have been June or early July.

2. Watched a sunrise or a sunset? When I was in high school I watched the sunset once and in college I watched it rise.

3. Stopped to smell a flower? In April when I got lots of flowers after surgery.

4. Gave a friend a present for no reason at all? I gave my friend Sara a handmade mini book just cause last month.

5. Treated yourself to dinner at your favorite restaurant? Back when I was still pregnant we went to Olive Garden.

If you read this, you have to post it on your blog with your answers, then comment me and leave me the link to your blog, unless you are already in my links.

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