Friday, October 27, 2006

Boys are funny

and stinky, and smart, and brave, and energetic. Just incase you didnt know. I am outnumbered by boys in my house. Spiderman is always climbing and jumping and yelling and hungry. If he weren't so energetic, he would be chubby from eating everything. I dread the teenage years.

Superman is in his smiling phase. He will smile at stuffed animals, the TV, and everyone who gets in his eyesight. Now making him laugh is our daily goal. He is getting more talkative every day. Just little sweet coos and mmmms.

I love being their mommy. Even when they are stinky. Boys emit the worst smells ever. I have never smelled anything like this from girls. Its astounding to me. Especially from Superman cause all he eats is formula.
Someday we will have a girl and I will have proof that girls dont smell as bad as boys. It probably doesnt help that I have a super smeller. Its much worse when I am pregnant because my sense of smell is heightened. I can smell a poopy diaper across the house. Not fun.

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Anonymous said...

Boys are stinky and obsessed with farts. :( That pic of Arik is adorable

Gina from TP (not signed in)

genderist said...

Boys do stink. I thought that was a given!!