Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Just keep swimming

I have tried to enter a blog post like 10 times in the last two weeks and I keep getting interrupted or distracted and end up losing what I was writing. So here is one more attempt. Here's hoping I don't type it all for nothing. And now I see at the top of this screen that there is a scheduled outage at 2pm so I better get to typing.

First of all, I need to change my password cause my sweet hubby knows me too well. I was yelling at him over MSN one day about him not mailing something for me and then during all that, I checked my blog and found his post and he was let off the hook for not mailing the package he said he would mail. Well, I love you honey, and that post was so sweet.

I really have nothing else interesting to talk about. We are looking for a washer and dryer that we can afford. I don't really enjoy my weekly trips to the laundrymat. My endocrinologist told me that I would have another scan in February to find out if there is any cancerous thyroid left. And we decided that we are not going back to Kansas for Thanksgiving.

Pretty boring around here otherwise. Its amazing that anyone would let me have a blog or membership in message boards cause I really have nothing much to say. Everyone else is posting about their kids doing phenomenal things or their neighbors entertainment drama. WE however, have normal kids, that we think are phenomenal and boring neighbors. I have been working up some guts to go introduce myself to the young couple across the street. They have a son that looks to be around 4ish and a baby girl that looks to be almost 1. I just dont know what all to say to the girl or her construction working husband. We were the new ones in the cul de sac, they should have come over and greeted us already. I just dont like people coming over to my house unannounced so I dont want to do the same to her. If it were warm outside I could work on starting a conversation when she was outside. I really want to make new friends, I just dont want to seem pushy. Is it neighborly to take over a treat or something and introduce myself? I think my plan is to wait until Halloween and take the kids over there and do it then if they are not out trick or treating with their little ones.

Halloween, now there is a holiday I like. Not only do you get yummy candy and treats, but I love seeing all the little kiddos in their holiday attire. Spiderman has opted to be either a pirate or Peter Pan. He has both costumes, but changes his mind daily. I wonder if he even understands that he has to definitely pick one to wear out one night. He loves just pretending around the house.
For Superman's first Halloween, we have picked out an adorable Yoda costume. I was hoping to match the kids costumes, but I guess I have many more years to do that. Spiderman just didnt want to be Darth Vader.
I dyed my hair red, for multiple reasons. 1. Batman LOVES redheads. and 2. Its more festive for halloween and autumn. I usually dress up as a witch and somehow, being a blonde witch just doesnt seem right to me. Apparantly it has brought out my facial features and my scrapbook group of friends said they didnt recognize me at first.

I look forward to sharing the halloween pictures with you all next week.

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genderist said...

Mom always took brownies to new people who moved into the neighborhood... maybe trick-or-treating will give you a chance to say hi, too...