Wednesday, October 11, 2006

To My Beautiful Everything

There is a wonderful woman in my life. I don't think she quite realizes how absolutely beautiful she is. I speak of beauty as a whole. Not in the context of just physical attractiveness, but as the wonderful person I've thoroughly enjoyed watching her grow to be. If you would have asked me back in High School would I know she would grow to be so beautiful, I, filled with all of my teenage lust and puppy love, would most certainly have given a resounding yes. What I didn't know then though, was how much one can underestimate such a question. She's been more than I ever could have imagined, and I'm thankful every day for it.

How on Earth was I to know the target of my High School admiration would grow to be a loving, dedicated, and outstanding Mother of two of the most beautiful boys I've ever laid eyes on. How on Earth was I to know she would grow to be such a loving, caring, and selfless wife. I couldn’t have asked for more, and I don’t really believe there is more. How on Earth was I to know one person has the strength, will, and courage to not only battle cancer, but to do it in the middle of a pregnancy. All while moving and adjusting to a life 400 miles away from her family. I can claim to be the strong, manly man of our household all I wish, but I've never had to go through anything as trying as she did. She amazed me throughout everything. I’ve never told her before, but I've already seen in her the strength and character I hope people will someday say I possessed when I’m long gone. Traits I see continuing to grow. She really, really is a beautiful person.

I can’t really tell you how lucky I am. I can say I hope the same for everyone else out there. I hope everyone finds someone so beautiful, so loving, so strong in character. I hope I’ve been as good to her as she has been to me. I hope tonight when I go home I remember everything I’ve written today and treat her with all the love and devotion she deserves. A woman so beautiful deserves much more than I think anyone capable of showing. I hope I'm up to the task.

I love you Arielle. I always will.


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genderist said...

What a beautiful love letter...

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Sarah said...

awww! That is so sweet!!