Saturday, January 21, 2012

Week 3 Challenge Manis & a GIVEAWAY!

First up we have my color blocking mani. This is my first ever color block. I used some super colorful polishes with a candy theme!
I have 3 boxes and I got a couple duplicate colors so I am going to give away 5 colors and a set of toe separators!

For  my color blocking, I did a coat of white first. Its a sheer white and its messy so don't look too closely.

Then I tried to use every color I had in this rainbow. And topped it off with the striping of silver.
Even did my right hand! YAY!
Then for my Purple Crumpet Fairy challenge, I made a glitterbomb with this sparkly Sally Hansen Gem Crush.

Now for a GIVEAWAY! My first one on my blog! Its for 5 candy colors and a set of toe separators. To enter for this giveaway, just leave your name that you follow me with on GFC, your email address, and tell me if you liked my color block or my glitter bomb this week. I will randomly pick a winner & announce on Feb. 14th. Good Luck!!

UPDATED to add: This giveaway unfortunately will not be international. US only. I am so sorry. I checked to see what all I would need to do to ship and it seems it would be a pain in the arse so I am unable to do it at this time. Thank you for reading though!

21 comments from beautiful people!:

Ashesela said...

These are so fun!! :D Your colour block is really interesting and I love that glitter!!! So pretty!

I don't know if this giveaway is international or not (I am from Canada) so if it is:

GFC: Ashesela

and if not, then good luck everyone!! :D Well, good luck to everyone anyway! XD

This is seriously an adorable giveaway. XD!

Jenna Froggy said...

I liked both your manis quite a bit. I really need that SH, lol. Great job!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the awesome giveaway!
I'm a follower named Esra Aslanturk and my e-mail is

Also, I really like the color block much more! such a cute mani. :)

IsaBella said...

My GFC name: IsaBella, and my email adress:
I like more your color block mani than your glittered mani. (:

Nicole - Top To Toe said...

The scented polishes look really vibrant! I would love to enter please, I follow as Nicole top to toe and my email is

I love the glitterbomb the best :-)

lauriestrode said...

Your colour block looks fantastic!! Mine was an epic fail :D

I follow through GFC as Marie-Luise Lubich and my email is: mlubich [@] gmail [dot] com

LittleMonsterx14 said...

these are beautiful colors!

i love the color blocking! the colors you picked were really pretty! and that glitter is amazing! i love gem crush!

Nails.N.Details said...


I like both, but I think my favorite is the glitter bomb :)hgh

kerrie said...

Great work using bright clasing colours here! I am a neon freak too!

My GFC name is
and my email is:

thank you for hosting a fab giveaway!

Helly said...

The sweetie polishes are so cute! If the contest is international I would love to enter please :)

I follow on GFC as NailNewbie and my email is


Laura said...

This is such a lovely glitterbomb! The Gem Crush collection is whispering my name, and I'm trying not to give in, but I don't know how much longer I can resist...

GFC: Laura Gibson
email: lauramargaretgibson at gmail.

Sarah said...

I love the glitter bomb!
Sarah Crawford

Gypsy @ Gypsy'sGlitter said...

I HAVE to go with the glitter mani! I really love the Gems collection- just stunning! I'm doing the challenge too :)
GFC- Gypsy @ Gypsy'sGlitter

Gypsy @ Gypsy'sGlitter said...

I HAVE to go with the glitter mani! I really love the Gems collection- just stunning! I'm doing the challenge too :)
GFC- Gypsy @ Gypsy'sGlitter

Arielle said...

I have everyone so far put in my spreadsheet! I did find out that I CAN send to Canada so US and Canada only. So sorry! Thank you for reading/entering!

Kaki @ GlitterObsession said...

Yay for giveaways! I loved the glitterbomb just because it was glittery. =) But your color block was awesome.

GFC: Kaki @ glitterobsessed

Good luck everyone!

Marlee said...

This is great! I love both, but maybe the glitterbomb a bit more, but that's just because I'm obsessed with glitter!

GFC: Marlee

BreAnnNicole said...

I follow you on GFC as BreAnnNicole
My email is
I am in love with your glitter bomb mani!

Sarah at Starlight Radiance said...

I'm loving your glitter bomb!
GFC Sarah at Starlight Radiance
email sarahkwoodall at gmail dot com

Frosso said...

These are so cute! I've never seen these before, how awesome :)
I have to say I have a weakness for glitter so your glitter bomb is my favorite!

GFC: lacquermesilly

Kelly said...

Kelly. OMG I love the glitter bomb. Its amazing I love glitter over black simple yet so beautiful! :))