Sunday, January 08, 2012

PCFC Animal Print... Do Angry Birds Qualify?

So I am doing this challenge and the first one is to do animal print nails. I will post the list of the dates and themes at the end of this post. Since I don't really dig animal prints, I decided to do some animals. Birds. But not just any birds. Angry ones. I only did my left hand and I think I will try this mani again sometime in the future and do the pigs on my right hand. We all know how easy it is to do nail art on your dominant hand right?

Anyways, on to the birds!

 I got my son this bracelet and he left it with me after his basketball game so I got the idea to just use the birds as my animal print since zebra or cougar prints aren't really my style. I didn't do the green bird but I was pleased with how the other birds turned out. I should have put the little white spot under the yellow bird, but no bad for a first attempt.

I think you can tell what I was going for. Here are the polishes used for this mani and I did all drawing with my dotting tools.

Week 7 - Jan 6th - Zoe -  Animal Print
Week 8 - Jan 13th - Joy - Inspired by your favorite jewelry (earrings, necklace, ring)
Week 9 - Jan 20th - Abby - glitterbomb
Week 10 - Jan 27th - Lynica - polka dots
Week 11 - Feb 3rd - Caitlin - Inspired by your favorite book.
Week 12 - Feb 10th - tackiest Valentine's mani EVER
Week 13 - Feb 17th - Felicia- 
Week 14 -  Feb 24th - Maria - themed like your bedroom eg wallpaper, duvet cover
Week 15 - Mar 3rd - Rachel - 
Week 16 - Mar 10th - Julie- tape mani of your choice
Week 17 - Mar 17th - Arielle - Spring Break mani
Week 18 - Mar 24th -  Lisa
Week 19 - Mar 31st - Alyssa
Week 20 - Apr 7th - Jebba - Franken mani

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Polish and Charms said...

Very cute idea!

kerrie said...

aww great idea!

Anonymous said...

so cute! =) I luv it!