Saturday, January 14, 2012

Haulage and a Super Cute Helper

Twenty three polishes to show you!
Sephora, Ulta, Walmart and giveaway winnings!
The first three are super pretty Christmas theme colors I won from Tin Roof Nails.

A perfume sample from Sephora for my points. POP collection from Ulta I think. Naked palette by Urban Decay!!!! So excited to have this!! My first real good quality eyeshadow.
Nightmare Before Christmas set from Claire's.
Ulta buy 2 get 2 free. Snow White, Chic Peek, Ruby Slipper, Limelight
Sephora by OPI Eve-y On The Eyes, Nails Inc., Magnetic Houses of Parliament, Nails Inc., Connaught Square, Nicole by OPI Follow Me on Glitter, Revlon Radiant
Zoya Danni, Phoebe, and Edyta

Hard Candy Beetle, Fabuluxe, un-named green
Justice Cotton Candy, Grape, Glow in the Dark Blue
Sample from Sephora.
All together
My January Julep box. Megan, Carrie and a topcoat. Also came with a pomegranate scrub. I love the smell and texture of it, but it leaves a grease on my skin. I feel like I have to soap with my regular body soap after I exfoliate with it.
And here is my super cute helper. I was playing with some of the stamping plates I got for Christmas and he came in and wanted me to test them on his tiny little nails. I cleaned up the edges and he wore them around for a couple hours until his daddy called him a girl. Then he decided it was time for him to get it off. He had a little paper cut on one of his fingers and when I used the polish remover on him, he screamed when it burnt. He said, "Never let me do that again MOM!" Fun while it lasted.

5 comments from beautiful people!:

Anonymous said...

what a nice haul! and such a cutie you have there =)

LittleMonsterx14 said...

LOVE those nightmare before xmas ones. i might need to get my hands on those

Polish and Charms said...

What a great haul!!!!!

Lydz said...

haha! great stuff! :) he is so handsome!

Cindy-y said...

wow! so much great stuff...
I'm never going to find Zoya's on clearance at my Ulta - so jealous!