Monday, January 09, 2012

PCFC Inspired by your favorite jewelry

Ok so this week is to do a mani inspired by your favorite piece of jewelry. I happen to dabble in making beaded jewelry also so I made this set about a year ago. Its a pretty long necklace. I also made a double stranded bracelet and earrings to go with it. The earrings are not pictured.

I like the pinkish colored beads in this set. It has a pretty pop of color that I wanted to match with my mani. I just tried to make a sparkly pink color to match the beads. I am thinking I should have made some black design over a couple of nails to match the focal bead, but I haven't done that here.

Here is a macro of my thumb. I didn't think my camera would do this good of a macro, but its decent!

I started with a base coat of Seche of course and then I used one of the Mini's from the OPI Burlesque set. I think it was called The Show Must Go On but there are no labels on the mini bottles and I can't find the box. I don't think I threw it away but IDK. Then on top I used Sally Hansens Diamond Strength called Wedding Crasher. It is really shiny, even in the dark. I was going to try to use just the SH polish but it was pretty opaque and I didn't want to have to do eight coats. So I just layered but I think the glitter spread out pretty evenly and made a good combo.
Here is the OPI without Wedding Crasher on top.

I need a fill but just ignore that. LOL
So what do you think of my jewelry inspired mani?

5 comments from beautiful people!:

Polish and Charms said...

I think it's gorgeous! I also make jewelry!

The Crumpet said...

wow that's super sparkly!! x

LittleMonsterx14 said...

I love the photos with you mani and the jewelry. beautiful!

I Drink Nail Polish said...

LOVE this idea! Your mani looks especially beautiful with the jewelry! <3

LittleMonsterx14 said...

I nominated you for the cute blog award!