Monday, February 06, 2012

Milani Gorgeousness

Did I mention I am skipping the nail polish challenges this week? I did try the newspaper one but I am impatient and I didn't have a good newspaper so this is my fail. My pinky turned out okay but not as great as I'd like.

I have done a few swatches for you all. I love these cheap polishes and I think they are just as good quality as the expensive ones.

I must warn you. I got a little lazy as I went thru these bottles so I slacked off in cleaning up and I made a bit of a mess on some of them. It happens. LOL

First up is Mint Candy, a pretty teal shimmery polish. Its a very light blue subtle shimmer. It reminds me of Sephora by OPI Ocean Love Potion. This was two coats.

 This is Beachy Front. Its a bit lighter than this in reality and I did two coats except on my middle finger which has one coat. You can see the bald spots on it. It has a light blue shimmer also.
 This is one of my favorites. Orchidia. Its a beautiful lilac color and has a subtle shimmer.

 This is Sail Away. Gorgeous navy blue with silver shimmer.

 This is one of the One Coat Glitters. Red Sparkle. I made a mess with it. Its very gritty.

 This is a Neon from Milani called Techno Red. It was a fabulous crelly that just melted onto my nails.

 I put this Jewel FX Red on top of the neon. I put two coats on the finger on the left. One coat on the middle and I just globbed it on the naked nail.

 Another one coat glitter is Gold Glitz. This was two coats but just because I was not carefully putting it on and wanted to keep it even. I already have a ton of gold glitters but this is the only one coater.

 I have a ton of silver glitters too,  but this One Coat Glitter, Silver Dazzle, is just so pretty. Its not unique but it does cover really well.

 And this is just one little pic of Tip Toe Pink. I don't like it because it looks like Pepto to me. I am still looking for a pretty light hot pink that doesn't remind me of Pepto.

So which of these are your favorites? 

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5 comments from beautiful people!:

Kaki @ GlitterObsession said...

Pepto. Haha. That's funny. I like the first three, but that Techno Red seems dreamy. I may have to try that one!

Polish and Charms said...

They look good!

LittleMonsterx14 said...

love those glitters!

Lydz said...

omg, great swatches! :)

Julie said...

Wow, these are friggin gorgeous!

I tagged you in my latest blog post :)