Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Catching up with a nail post

Ok so you know I want to do these two challenges for nail themes. Well I have been blog lazy because I have been life busy. Know what I mean? I hate when people apologize for not posting on their blogs. Well I say, that must mean you have a life and no need to be sorry for that. If not posting stresses you out, then maybe you should find another hobby. Relax, post when you get a break from life. Its all goood. The people that matter won't leave you.  Here is one of many reasons I haven't blogged lately:

My beautiful son turned NINE on Sunday! OMG 9 years ago, my life changed and I became a mommy when I brought this amazing dude into my life. He is super smart and knows what he likes. I picked out this KSU basketball cake for him and he was soooo excited. Brought tears to my eyes when he hugged me for more than 5 seconds and told me I was awesome and that he loved it! I am going to miss our sweet moments when he morphs into full teenager. One more year til double digits! EEK! I love him infinity!

Anyways.....on to the nail pictures. If that's what you are here for. Tomorrow will be a card post. YAY! I need to work on more cards and scrapbooking. I love doing it and just need more time!
Here is the Spring challenge I will try to participate in as much as possible:
 I love the Purple Crumpet Fairy group on facebook and I just love all the things Debbie Crumpet has come up with.

Here are a ton of pics of what all I have done but not blogged yet!

This is my fav spring pink. Enchantress by Nicole OPI.

This was my spring flower bed mani. I used a bunch of the little Fimo flowers. Love how groovy this looked.

I have not done my spring water marble yet since it was a birthday weekend.
I did do my un-spring color which is Models Own Aqua Violet.

You can't really see any of the violet here but I will try to get more pics when/if it stops raining before I change my polish.

I do have my pink polka dots ready but you have to wait til my next post for that. I need to figure out what to do about Unicorn Magic day. I has no ideas. Let me know what you think I should do for that day! Thanks!!

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