Wednesday, April 11, 2012

PCFC Favorite Pastel Blue or Green

Here is my mani for the PCFC Spring Challenge. My fav pastel blue or green. Well I did both.
 First up is Sinful Cinderella. Such a pretty baby blue with sweet shimmer.

Then I decided to layer some blue glitter on top cuz, I loves glitter. I found these two in my stash that are very similar so I thought I would just alternate and kind of do a comparison at the same time.

Revlon Radiant has green, blue and silver large hex glitter but Gone Gonzo only has the silver large hex. They both have about the same amount of the small blue glitter I think. 
My nails got a pretty thick amount of polish on them by the time this mani was done. Two coats of Cinderella and four coats of the glitters. I think that's enough!

On to my favorite pastel green. This is two coats of Essie Navigate Her with Essie Pure Pearlfection on top.

Just a pretty simple pastel muted green. Only needed two coats. The Pure Pearfection is a great way to add some shimmer to any mani. I love the pearlyness it added.

3 comments from beautiful people!:

LittleMonsterx14 said...

both these looks are beautiful!

Nails.N.Details said...

I love both of these! Very pretty!

awad ngah said...

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