Friday, April 06, 2012

Pretty and Polished Review

I got the chance to review some polishes from Chels at Pretty and Polished.
I chose 4 minis and  one full size bottle.
This is Nova. A gorgeous holographic red. It was opaque in two coats and dried rather quickly. I think its a bright cherry red with scattered holo in it. To me it has a pinkish tone and its just a perfect red for me.

Then I got Ornament Smash. I put it over Nova. Its a mix of large and small glitters in a clear base. I only did two coats here, but I think if you layered this glitter on really thick, it would make an amazing sparkly mani for a party.

And here is the other glitter I got from Chels. Old Skool is sooo cool! I globbed one coat on my pinky which is why it looks deformed. I wanted to see how much glitter I'd get with just one coat. My top finger is just two coats! Amazing glittery coverage! I just love holographic glitters. This has a mix of big, small, and bar holo glitters in a clear base.

Last but not least is my favorite of the bunch. This is Galactus. Its a beautiful cool toned purple with scattered holo glitter in it. It went on easy with two coats and dried quickly like Nova. These pics are without top coat.

Then I layered Jealous on top. Jealous is indescribable but just know that you need a bottle of it because you will want to put it on top of everything when you get it. It is a color changing topcoat. I put it over Galactus here, but below you will find it over CG Gothic Lolita which is my fav combo.

This is Gothic Lolita without Jealous on top, just so you can see what awesomeness it adds.

Below is my fav pic of Jealous. See how its like gold and green and blue sparkles?  Here is the link to get Jealous because you seriously NEED it!

This is Jealous over Wet N Wild I Need A Refresh-Mint. Its only on the pointer and ring fingers. But seriously, see how shimmery they are with it? Sweet!
This is Jealous over OPI Fly. Super FLY!! You should be JEALOUS!!

Well, what are you waiting for? Go get you some bottles of Pretty and Polished from Chels!

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Claudia C. said...

What cute is the last one :)

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