Wednesday, November 16, 2011

New Mani color of the week

This is Nicole by OPIs Kardashian Kolor, Khloe had a little LamLam.
I really like this color, but I may not keep it this plain for very long. I am already thinking of layering some glitter over it. That's how I roll.
And these are my real nails with a layer of gel over them so they don't break. No more acrylics! EEK! I have had acrylics so long, but when I soaked them off, my nails were so long and pretty that I just couldn't get them cut off for tips so I just got gels. They break so easily if I don't put something on them. I am too rough to go without. I even tried Nail Envy and strengthener and hardeners and all that jazz but still so flimsy. So I will see how it goes with the gel.

 This pic was taken in the sunlight thru my front door. Its too cold to go outside and try to get direct sunlight.

These two were taken under my Ott light. I think the color is just as good with it as in the sun so I may just do only Ott from now on, at least thru the winter when its probly gonna be less sunny.

What do you think of my NOPI KK KHALLL? LOL its like I'm speaking in Kode! HAHA! Get it?

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I wish my nail mail would get here soon!!!!

3 comments from beautiful people!:

Sandy said...

Airelle - your nails are always so much fun... I love what you do!

Sandy :)

Michelle said...

Your nails look so pretty... I love the color!!!
mpetrovich23 at yahoo dot com

I Drink Nail Polish said...

Very chic color! I totally LOL'ed so hard when you said 'I am already thinking of layering some glitter over it. That's how I roll." XD I am totally the same way. I try so hard to appreciate polishes like this but I always end up glitterfying them within 24 hours, lol!