Sunday, November 27, 2011

Disco Dolls

I colored some digi images for cards Friday night, now I just have to make the cards and take pics and get them all posted, but I got lots of other stuffs to do. I am relaxing in bed now, getting ready for a new week. The kids go back to school tomorrow, THANK GOD! The fighting was just getting to me. HAHA!
The electricity on our block went out last night for about 2 hours and right when it went off, Superman freaked out a bit and thought he was gonna puke. So I use my cell phone screen as a flashlight and went and found a bucket. He got the bucket and was sitting right next to the front door and kept freaking out. Batman and I had to find candles since the kids have played with all the flashlights and none of the lights we found had good batteries in them. Since I started using Scentsy I don't keep candles out much anymore. So I dug around in the garage in a box and found a few and got some out of the bathroom since the last time I used a few was for relaxing bath night. Superman was shaking and crying and wanted me to hold him. Spiderman was a good big brother and tried to get Superman to watch him play the PSP to help calm him down while Mommy and Daddy looked for candles. We got lucky that we bought a bunch of big lighters for when we went camping this summer so I knew exactly where a lighter was.
Since the power was out it was starting to get cold in our house so we put the kids in the car and went driving around looking at Christmas lights and trying to see if we could find a reason for the power being out. Not many people have their Christmas lights up yet. We have a fun tradition of driving around in our PJs on Christmas Eve looking at lights so come on people and get those pretties up so we can gawk! We ended up at McDs for hot chocolates and were surrounded by teenagers being unsupervised on a Saturday night. Since when is it cool to hang out at McDs and annoy the people that work there that aren't teenagers?

Well I suppose I should get to the purpose of this post which is another Nicole by OPI Kardashian Kolor. This one is Disco Dolls. This is a pretty gold glitter. There is gold micro glitter, and larger green, orange, blue, red and silver glitters.
I am really getting into gold recently for some reason. I rarely watch the Kardashians, but I was really rooting for Rob to win DWTS and I wanna know the truth about Kim's marriage. Has she done a Barbara Walters special yet so she can indirectly answer all our questions?! LOL!

This is an indoor pic with flash. Click to ENLARGE!

I am going to try to do a Christmas themed 30 day Challenge starting Dec. 1st. Here is the list of what will be happening. 
The Purple Crumpet Fairy 31 Days of Christmas Challenge

Day 1 - What you love most about Christmas
Day 2 - writing your Christmas cards
Day 3 - a snow globe
Day 4 - red, gold / silver water marble
Day 5 – wreath / garland
Day 6 – elves J
Day 7 - Candy Cane
Day 8 - snowflakes
Day 9 - your most festive green
Day 10 - your most festive red
Day 11 - Christmas Wrapping
Day 12 - reindeers / Rudolph
Day 13 - angels
Day 14 - Christmas Tree
Day 15 - snowman
Day 16 - Fairy Lights
Day 17 - putting up the decorations
Day 18 - your favourite Christmas Song / carol
Day 19 - candles
Day 20 - the nativity
Day 21 - Christmas glitterbomb
Day 22 - Christmas Pudding
Day 23 - Santa
Day 24 - Xmas Stocking
Day 25 - your Christmas Day mani
Day 26 - letting it all hang out / lazy mani
Day 27 - leftovers mani
Day 28 - Quality Street / Christmas sweets / chocolates
Day 29 - your favourite Christmas movie
Day 30 - detox
Day 31 - New Year's Eve mani

Sooo I hope you will think of joining this festive challenge. If you are going to be doing it please leave me your blogs address and I will add you on my posts for this as well and please feel free to add me on yours.

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I Drink Nail Polish said...

I love this polish! I feel so lucky to have nabbed it because my Walmart is practically a war zone. Love it on you! <3