Thursday, November 24, 2011

My Thanksgiving mani

Here are some quick iphone pics. I finished it last night before bed & now I'm just putting up a cell phone pic while we commute between dinners. Hope everyone is having a Happy Turkey Day & being thankful!

EDIT 11/27/11  
OK here are some more pictures and hopefully better quality so you can see the true awesomeness of my festive nails!
Left hand under Ott lamp
Both hands (pic taken by my son)
The Crappy Right Hand

This was my base color. It is unnamed gold from a Shades of the Season pack.

Here are all the polishes I used. I used a little paint tray and dotting tools.
I don't have any yellow polish so I had to use some from an Acrylic paint kit that I have.

If you wanna know what any of the polish colors are, just ask. Right now I just don't feel like going to look and write them all down. The names should all be in my stash list. I'm lazy. Let it go. LOL

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