Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Feeling groovy

Well, I didn't get the job I wanted at the scrapbook store. They will be sorry I guess. Don't know what they are missing.

I got rid of my perm and got a fun little chin length cut. The perm just wasn't me. But I kept it for 4 months any way. I will post a pic of the new look sometime when I remember to take a pic of myself.

Here is a peek at the old look. Batman says I go through little cycles of hair styles. I will cut it shorter and then let it grow out a while and then cut it again when I get tired of the ponytail or clippy look. Maybe someday, someone will give me a free makeover (that's the only way I will get one) and then I will look smashing with perfectly styled and colored hair and no noticeable dark under eye circles.

Who has time for looks when you have 2 awesomely fun little boys to play with all day? We are planning on going to a local amusement park one of these weekends soon. Spiderman's first day of Kindergarten is the 15th. I think I am more nervous than he is. He is so excited for school and really wants to learn things and play with new friends. He has a Spiderman backpack that he wanted and super hero themed supplies.

I am sad that our summer is coming to an end. It seems like we didn't get to do all the fun stuff we wanted because of the move and the break-in. I really hope all the drama in our life is in the past and we can move onward and upward. Soon we will be hunting for a new house. I can't wait for my own home to paint and decorate. I am going back to school soon too. I want to major in something art related. Probably leaning towards Graphic Design or Desktop Publishing. Of course Photography is always a very possible choice. I remember when I wanted to be an English teacher, and then a magazine editor, and then a midwife. Now I am being realistic instead of dreamy.

I got a really cool shot of the boys playing in their matching Batman pajamas. Its not often that I can get them both to look at me and smile at the same time and have the camera go off while they are still looking. Yay! If you come to my house in the future, you will see this one in a frame probably. That is the plan.

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