Monday, July 21, 2008

WANTED: Quiet time

The last month has been a roller coaster and I think we all need our own separate spaces if only for a few moments at a time.

Shall I start at the beginning?
1. Batman got a job that puts us closer to family.
2. Right before he started new job, ENT doc told me she wanted me to have an enlarged lymph node removed from my neck ASAP.
3. Had surgery on June 11th. My sister stayed with me to help me take care of the boys and pack since Batman had to start his new job on the 17th. Results came back negative for having cancer in them. I think I may have posted that update. :)
4. Packed up our 2 bedroom duplex while recovering from surgery. Had a goodbye party with my scrapbook friends. They gave me a cricut for moving away. How awesome are my friends?
5. Found a weekend to search for new place to live. Batman stayed with parents and drove an hour to his new job every day. Sister went back home and Spiderman went to stay with family so it was just me and Superman to finish packing.
6. Movers came to load up moving truck on June 25th. After putting all our stuff in their truck, they demanded a new price of double what we were told it would cost. Batman was 6 hours away working and I had to communicate the ordeal to him over the phone. He called their boss and it ended up that they put all our stuff back into our garage because we weren't going to pay them more than what we were quoted. Stupid scam artists trying to take advantage of a woman, all alone, with a baby. Thinking I will just pay outrageously cause I think I have no choice. I'm not THAT stupid.
7. June 28th, Batman and my dad and my bro in law and a friend of Batman's take a Uhaul up to load all our stuff and bring it to new apartment.
8. Refrigerator in new apartment is broken and will not make food cold. Takes maintenance 4 days to come look at it, then they just decide to bring a new one, two days after that.
9. July 4th we went to a BBQ at Batman's aunt's house and he gets severely sunburnt on his shoulders.
10. July 10th late at night an idiot breaks into our SUV and tries to use a screwdriver to start it and ends up destroying the ignition and steering column. So when I get up and take the boys to the SUV to try to take them to the park for Superman's birthday, I find a huge mess inside, freak out and try to get the boys to go back into the house after they think we are going to the park.
So I call the apartment complex and find out who I need to get ahold of. Complex doesn't care that your property gets damaged on their property. I ask for non emergency police number and he gives me a number but it turns out to just be security for our area. Security gives me number to police to report to. Police dispatch connects me with an officer who takes all my information and tells me here is your case number, call your insurance company. They don't try to find the criminal, don't look at the damage or try to get fingerprints or anything. They say they will post a squad car to patrol that area. !!!!! II have seriously never wanted kick someone in the balls as much as I did then. We had to pay $500 to repair damage to our vehicle that happened because some idiot decided to try and steal our vehicle. I would have no problem paying an insurance deductible if ran into someone while was driving, but i think its reCOCKulous to pay when you did NOTHING wrong. Needless to say, we changed our deductibles to lower ones while we are living here.
11. The 12th was superman birthday party day. It started out raining but stopped while we had the party at park and then went swimming the next day with my nephews.
12. July 14th I come into my living room and find out that there are chimney sweeper birds in my FIREPLACE. Not where you want birds to be. These are not pretty birds, and they don't sound good either. Their only use is to eat mosquitoes. Called maintenance 3 times before someone came to get these critters out of my fireplace.
13. Saturday was Amelia Earhart day and we went to the festival and watched the air show and the amazing fireworks. We don't even watch 4th of July fireworks cause the Earhart fest show is 10 times better.
So there you have my excitement lately. I just want good things to happen while we settle into our new place. I am almost unpacked. I haven't hung any pictures on the wall. The boys are running around the house today in their matching Batman pajamas.
I am going to get Spiderman enrolled in Kindergarten soon.
I have an interview Saturday for a new part time job at a scrapbook store. I am so excited about that.
And I felt it was time to update the look of my blog and make it a motivational aspect to make me blog more often. In the process of doing so, I lost my list of blogs that I read. So if you could leave me a comment if you read me, I will put you on my list if you aren't already there.
Thanks for reading!

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