Monday, June 16, 2008

Holy No Time to Post Batman

Well, here's a lot of information for you to digest.

I had my thyroid scan. Everything was negative, no spreading of annoying cancer cells.
Since my endo guy doesn't deal with lymph nodes, he sent me to my Ear Nose and Throat doc (Hereafter referred to as ENTdoc).
She felt my node and decided she felt it best if I have an open biopsy. That entails cutting open my neck and removing the enlarged suspicious lymph node.
So I had surgery last Wednesday to get it outta there.
Today I went and had my 6 stitches removed and got the pathology report.
So now I have two cool scars on my neck.

Now that we know I am cancer free, we are progressing on our move back toward our families.
Being 6 hours away from my sisters and the boys' grandparents has been un-fun. So when Batman was offered a job that is 45 minutes from family, plus a substantial pay raise, we jumped on that bandwagon. So he gets out of the company that is close to flopping and we get into the big city. We found a new apartment. It is a two bedroom, two bath, but has the same square footage as our current two bedroom, one bath, duplex with a basement and garage. We are going to miss our basement and garage, but we plan to only rent this for a year, maybe two, while we pay off debts and hopefully find a house to buy.

We have scheduled the moving company to move us on the 28th, so I probably won't be back on to post any fun reads til after that. Sorry, I know you will miss me, as I would miss you if you went away.

But feel free to celebrate on my behalf for the cancer free news!!!!

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Yeah!!! I'm so glad to hear that. :)