Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Random stuff

1. Spiderman's first day of preschool was today.

2. Does crying make me over-emotional?

3. Why do your kids suddenly go from being tiny pink cuddly infants, to big arguing preschoolers with attitude and independence?

4. I want my tiny pink babies back.

5. I am employed now. Don't ask.

6. Going to a Crop for Cancer this weekend. Many more scrapbook layouts are on the horizon.

7. Batman has been playing the new expansion of World of Warcraft lately.

8. I have to work 2nd shift or I would be playing it with him.

9. My level 61 mage is never going to make it to level 70.

10. As soon as the medical bills are paid from the c-bomb disaster, I will be full-time mommy again. No more dealing with managers and schedules and customers. Grrr.

2 comments from beautiful people!:

genderist said...

1. That's exciting... sounds crop-worthy! I hope you took pictures.

2. No, it makes you a good Mommy who loves her babies.

3. They have to be cute and nice at first or they'd never make it to preschool. :)

4. That's fair.

5. I won't. :)

6. That sounds neat; make sure you post what you come up with!

7. I've heard the new expansion WOW is sweet.

8. I hate 2nd shift. I hate 3rd shift, too. Working annoys me. Let's retire!

9. Sure it will. :) Just not as soon as you want...

10. Sounds like a plan.

Arielle said...

I love you genderist. You rock! :)