Thursday, January 04, 2007


Well its been a while since I posted last, but it seems like time flew by so quickly. We went back to KS for the holidays. I think we had a great time. We stayed with my dad and stepmom and it was nice. My dad dressed up as Santa and the kids got to "catch" him putting presents under the tree. Spiderman was a little upset when Santa gave him a tractor. He's not big on trucks and tractors. He didnt know that Santa was going to leave him the superheroes he wanted after he went to bed. So since he didnt get one thing he wanted at that time, he wasnt as excited as we hoped he would be. Superman however, was very good with Santa. He loved his little toy and wasn't scared of Santa at all.

We saw pretty much all of our family which took 4 days itself. Its crazy to have such a big family.

Batman and I went 3 wheeling with my dad and got in a wreck. It was rainy and muddy and we were going up a hill and got stuck and then the thing just flipped over backwards on us. I was on the back and Batman was driving. I hit my head and shoulder and Batman dislocated his kneecap. We took him to the ER cause I could see straight and walk okay so I didn't need help. Batman got a pain shot and since that was the night we were going to celebrate New Years Eve and our Anniversary we thought it best not to drive anywhere or drink anything. I was in bed at 12:15 AM on the first day of this year. We ate some of our wedding cake to celebrate our anniversary and then watched some movies with the kids.

I can't say I have any resolutions for this year. I am probably going to find a job and get my butt and thighs into shape again. I guess I want to get caught up on my scrapbooking. Maybe I will get my work published this year. I am just happy being with my sweet husband and my incredible kids.
Hope a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year was had by all!!

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Poopydigs said...

I took Ella to meet Santa, and she wasn't bothered by it either. However, I think the Santa was a bit more paranoid. He kept saying "don't let her see me, turn her away, she might freak out. i don't want her to freak out."

I looked at him and said, "santa. my daughter is used to looking at freaks everyday."