Thursday, January 11, 2007

All the goodness of RANDOMNESS

1. Its supposed to rain tomorrow then slight snow this weekend.

2. There goes my plan to walk to the park with Aidan this weekend.

3. Re-runs of Dharma and Greg are always cool. Even if I have seen them all at least twice.

4. My baby is 6 months old TODAY. He got his immunizations Tuesday and has his well baby check on Friday.

5. Friday is also the day my big baby gets his physical so he can go to preschool.

6. I think I may cry. See 4 and 5.

7. I need to find a job that I won't hate and that won't keep me from being around my babies.

8. I don't want it to snow.

9. Went to a birthday dinner with some of my friends Monday. Now there are none under 40 except me. We went to a restaurant where you can make your own steaks. I was the only one who cooked my own. It was darn good too. I rule!

10. I scrapped my brains out and I don't think my layouts were as good as the design team. Why did they make me guest designer again? No Clue.

11. There is always more.....More to say, more to clean, more to worry about, more to teach, and more to learn.

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Anonymous said...

Well we all be be over 40 now, but do we all act like it! Quit bragging--- YOU SUCK!