Thursday, September 07, 2006

Back in the swing of things

Well, I had my radiation therapy. Still no info on what all got accomplished there. I talk to the endocrinologist next week and I will see what all he saw on the scans they took.
Being in the hospital for 48 hours was completely boring and I think I barely escaped depression setting in. I was thrilled to get to talk to the Genderist who called often to check on me. It was so nice to hear her cute southern accent and to connect with someone who knows how radiation feels.
I missed my babies so terribly. Not being able to hold or see my Superman and Spiderman was so hard. I cried every night just wishing they didnt have to go thru this with me. I did wean Superman completely to formula. Well my family did it for me. He stayed with his grandmas while things were going on. My stepmom and my mom and my mother-in-law took great care of him and he just kept growing even while I wasnt there.

Spiderman is not adjusting well to all the change. He acts out and does normal 3 year old things and everyone seems to think he has a discipline problem. He is a smart kid and he knows his right from wrong and I know it will just take time. I never expected him to be perfect and I dont see why everyone else does. I know he loves his baby brother, he just needs a period of adjustment like everyone else. This is like the first big thing to happen to him and I'm not surprised that he is a bit put off by it.

Add to all that, we are now living in our new duplex. Spiderman has a full basement now to house all his toys and his imagination. Our bedroom is big enough to keep the crib in for a few months. The boys will share a room in a few months. There is also a big yard to play and run around in. We are just glad that there is more room for us, less rent to pay, and its closer to work for Anthony. I didn't find my powercat necklace yet. I don't know where else to look. If I were a silver powercat, where would I be?

We went back to kansas to pick up the boys over the long weekend. It was good to get to see everyone again. To make things better I got a fever blister to signal the beginning of a big cold. As if bringing home two kids to an unpacked house after a 6 hour car ride wasn't fun enough. Being sick makes me want to cut off my head. I am slowly getting boxes unpacked and things put in their rightful places so I relax a little more and release a little stress with each empty box. I am just soothed knowing that my kids are here with me again and we can all get back in our own swing.
Now that our internet is back up (no thanks to the cable company), I will hopefully get a chance to catch up on all my internet doings and get all those personal emails answered and all my reading caught up on and you may even see a post or two from me. That is if I can fit all that in between slowly unpacking, diapering, potty training, sleeping, playing WoW with Batman, scrapbooking, and coughing up lungs. Aren't you glad we're back? I'll try to share some new pics so you can see how we are all changing and get a post or two in here about something upbeat and not focused on mommy stuff or cancer stuff. Peace and love! Posted by Picasa

2 comments from beautiful people!:

genderist said...

So glad you're back!! I'd been wondering when you'd get around to posting again.

Take your time unpacking those boxes. I know you want a semblance to a normal life again, but there's no real hurry. Take lots of breaks and cuddle those sweet boys.

Brooke said...

Your kids are beautiful!