Friday, September 15, 2006


How long does it take your body to get back to normal after being radioactive? Well I waited 2 hours to ask my endocrinologist and he couldn't answer my question yesterday. I just want to know when I will stop feeling so tired and brainless. He said it takes some time and we still have to figure out if my synthroid dosage is right. So I gave him some blood to test and left with an appointment to come back in a month and probably get no answers again.

So I hear that it is Thyroid Cancer Awareness month. Everyone get your NECK CHECKED at your next doctor appointment. Its not hard, just look up and swallow.

I barely have the energy to get my house situated the way I want it. There are still boxes sitting around that need to be unpacked. I am a newb when it comes to hanging pictures on the wall. I have a ton of adorable pictures that are framed and need to be hung, but I am really terrible about lining things up on the wall in a presentable fashion. Its strange that I can arrange pictures and embellishments on a page in an album but not on a wall. I am obsessive compulsive about how straight they are but I can't bring myself to put 10 holes in a wall to get it right. Vicious circle.

I am dying to get back to scrapbooking. But I can't get the energy to get things together to do it and I can't get Batman to be motivated to do it for me. I need to get the cabinet moved to the basement and the two big boxes of stuff. Then I need to go buy a table and chair to use down there. I can't wait to have my own scrap area though.
I got a haircut yesterday. I wanted to keep some length but have a more youthful style so I got shoulderlength layers now. Next we will try some color. But this morning I wondered if it looks like the same cut my mom has. Maybe this unhappiness with things in life right now has something to do with my thyroid hormone levels. Yesterday I loved my hair and now I think it looks like my moms. I need more shopping therapy. *_*
Sweet Batman bought me another powercat necklace off ebay. It was a sweet gesture, but it seems we got ripped off by the seller because the charm is only 1/2 an inch which is an inch smaller than my last one. So its not what he thought he paid for and definitely not worth what was paid. Its more like a child's necklace, so if the seller doesnt take it back and refund us then I may just use it as a bracelet charm. Thank you for the gesture though honey.

Well I have dishes to finish and Superman needs a bottle and some entertainment.

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genderist said...

A: The good thing about Synthroid is that it'll help us feel more like humans and less like slugs. The bad thing about Synthroid is that it takes about 6 weeks before it's levels are considered a representation of the dose you're taking.

Next month when you see your doctor, and they draw blood, ask them what your levels are, and at which point they will want to increase your dosage. Tell them what hypo symptoms you sitll have.

Tomorrow I get to restart my Synthroid (post RAI)... thank goodness!