Friday, August 11, 2006

One month

I can't believe that Superman Arik is already a month old. He changes so much every day. I think I am going to go crazy while he is gone for 2 weeks. Isnt he just adorable?!

I was just told by a nurse and a nuclear medicine tech that I will have to stop breastfeeding completely. They say they have to give me a very large dose of the iodine and that its risky to keep breastfeeding him afterward. If there is iodine left in my system and my milk then it could kill off his thyroid cells and put him at risk for thyroid cancer. Well isn't he at risk anyway because its supposed to be genetic??
So quitting cold turkey is going to be hard and painful for both of us. I have about 3 weeks worth of milk saved in the freezer for him to use, but he really likes the closeness of nursing. This is so hard for me. I can't get the endocrinologist to budge on how late I do the radiation. I keep asking if there is anyway we can do it later and he always says no. >>>Insert sad face here.

I basically put my own health in jeopardy if I wait, and its risky to keep nursing after the therapy, and cold turkey weaning is really crappy all around.

Well since both kids are napping actually, I am going to go take a mini shower! Yay for showers at 4pm!! Posted by Picasa

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Tuesday Girl said...

You just have to do it. Try to pump as much as you can and know that you are a good Mom.

genderist said...

Hey, sorry I'm slow in linking to you. It's official now....

Pump what you can! It's going to be hard on both of you, but it'll work out. Things work out.

I'm just glad you were able to nurse for a month! That's great! And if you have that much saved back, it'll still be good for him. We've been beaten with "breast is best", but think of all the kids of moms who don't breastfeed at all! They still grow into smart, good citizens, too. You're not failing him by stopping breastfeeding.

Don't let yourself think that. Think of it as protecting him... doing your Mommy duties. And remember that it's all going to work out.