Thursday, August 10, 2006

What day is it?

It seems like if I dont have some sort of doctor appointment, then I forget what day it is and I can't motivate myself to crawl out of bed until I find out that Aidan has gotten into something he shouldn't or the baby needs a diaper change. So thanks to new mommy brain combined with foggy hypothyroid brain, I havent got a chance. If I do manage to get a good day where I have a bit of energy and can carry on a conversation for more than 2 minutes with an actual adult, I usually get interrupted by a child disaster.
I'd rather not go into the details of the disaster, lets just say it involves not being potty trained and stomache aches.
So after that, I end up without any energy. I just sit in my recliner and cuddle with my newborn while yelling at Aidan and wonder what day it is.

On a super crappy note, I lost my powercat necklace. I have had this silver powercat since my senior year of high school and I wear it all the time since. I know I had it on yesterday morning, but I don't remember having to move it for the endocrinologist to feel my throat at my appointment yesterday and then I noticed it missing this morning while changing my spit-up infested shirt. I have been frantically searching the bed and apartment and laundry between yawns and breastfeeding today. I better find it before we move or I will be devastated.

I think we found an apartment we are going to rent too. We will be leaving this upscale, overpriced, snooty apartment complex and moving into a normal little, no frills, cheaper place. I admit, I am spoiled and I like having the finer things in life, but the new apartment means we will have to pay less for rent so we can start paying off bills which puts us closer to buying a house. Not that we will be buying in Illinois though cause I think DH and I have both agreed that we miss KS and would like to move back closer to our families. So the hope is that we get offered a better job in Kansas City so we can move back there eventually. The only downside I see is that I will have to find another endocrinologist and family doctor when we move back there.

We had tried to talk to our current landlords to let us stay an extra week or so, but they are snooty and would make us pay a whole months rent for the extra week, so we HAVE to move at the end of this month. Just 1 day after I get out of quarantine for my radioactive treatment. Such nice sympathetic people we pay to live here, dont you think? Whatever happened to customer service?

So since moving is immediate, DH will be staying home with me so he can pack and finalize the apartment details and signing of leases and so forth. And even though I would have liked spending time with my stepmom, she will be given the important job of caring for my sweet new baby for two weeks. I feel good about this arrangement because the other alternative of DH going back to KS with the boys included him working at the other plant and so a different family member would be watching Arik every day and I just felt really bad about having to inconvenience family. Since my stepmom works from her home computer and she wants to get back to trying to conceive with my dad, it would be ideal for her to keep Arik every day and be in the same state as her husband (for the sex part is easier that way). The thing is that my mom would like to see Arik and as you can imagine, there is awkwardness between mom, dad, and the stepmom. I hope they can all act like adults and not fight over my baby for two weeks. Do I need extra stress?

Well I do think its naptime. Aidan looks a bit sleepy so while I wait for him to pass out Maybe I can get a few chores done and fall asleep to the sound of the dishwasher...

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genderist said...

That would be a "no, you don't need any extra stress"... a big no. Rest when you can, pack when you can, and love on the babies in-between!