Monday, April 10, 2006

Case of the Monday's

I think out of 100%, I only like being pregnant about 20%. After the morning sickness and the overall fatigue and moodiness, I think the only good thing is feeling the baby and the excitement. The waiting and the stress of worry and picking a name, does not make things easier.

I was sick last night and I am not sure if its any better yet. I totally lost all the supper I ate. I made good spaghetti last night too and it all frickin came back up. I dont think it was a morning sickness thing either. I did throw up a pop tart the other morning, but aside from that I haven't had morning sickness for over a month. You would think that I would be over that phase since I am 6 months pregnant.

I wish something tasted good, or sounded good. I think ice cream is about all I really ever want.

I have 3 days of appointments starting tomorrow. A physical, a meeting with an endocrinologist and pre surgery tests. As usual, I am not fond of getting stuck with needles and I do not look forward to hours of waiting rooms.

This weekend we are going back to Kansas for Easter. We always have lots of family to see when we go back. I wish they all would just come to us, but that never happens. Then I am going to drive back with my mom Tuesday night so she can be here while I have the surgery. If I dont drive back with her, I am sure she will come anyway, but she just doesnt want to get lost. And its not like I have anything to do those two days anyway. If I were home, I would just lay on the couch all day and drive my self crazy with trying to clean everything.

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