Thursday, April 27, 2006

Wish I was creative enough to think of a title

Anyway, I saw the endocrinologist yesterday. Another 2 grand out the window. I guess the only thing I got out of this appointment was the knowledge that I will have to do the radioactive iodine within 4 weeks of giving birth. And he put me back on the synthroid so hopefully I will start having some energy again.

Went to the ENT and she took my stitches out and gave me a gross picture of my thyroid that was taken during surgery. When she said it was 8cm, I really didnt think that sounded too big, but it looked like a good 6 inches of bright red steak...coming out of a slit in my throat. Graphic arent I?

Also saw the OB today and got my glucose test done. Now to wait for those results. I doubt anything else will go wrong, but I could be mistaken. My midwife is confident that she and the lactose consultant on their staff can help me thru my radioactive time and I will be able to breastfeed the new baby. Sure pumping and dumping for 2 weeks is not discouraging to anyone right? I dont want to go into my breastfeeding rant right now. I want to do it, so I am going to try and if I get pushed away in favor of a bottle, then so be it. It wont be my choice, it will be the baby's.

A little bit of Thankful Thursday for you: I am thankful that I got a nap today after my appointments. I needed some down time. I am also thankful the stitches are out and my incision doesnt itch so bad.

DH and I went to the local video store and opened an account. Just so we could rent some PS2 games cause we were bored. So I have been playing some Harry Potter just to get away from watching TV shows that upset me or bore me. I watched Dateline's Internet Pedophile Predators last night and was yelling at the idiots on TV. I have 3 little sisters and two of them are on the internet chatting a lot. They are 14 and 16 and I have warned them both of the dangers of too much information and how disgusting it is to have dirty conversations on the internet. Not only do you not know who you are talking to, but you dont need to hear half the crap that those dirtbags come up with. I tell them that if they ever chat with some dude who says he is 16 or whatever and that he is cute and wants to do stuff with them, just keep in mind that he could really be one of their friend's dirty grandpa or uncle. I proceed to paint a picture of the dirtiest, ugliest old guy imaginable and get them a nice mental image so that they remember it every time they open a chat window. I am told they only chat with their friends from school but I guess you never know.

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