Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Purple Crumpet Fairy 31 Days of Christmas

Well I did days 5 & 6, and now I have to show them to you even if I don't think they are too awesome.
Here are the polishes used for the Wreaths. I mixed the 3 greens together to get my leaf color. I used the Milani to be ornaments on my wreath.

Pics taken under my Ott light.

And here is my Elf mani for day 6. Only one pic cuz I didn't like it much and took it off to do my Candy Canes for tomorrow. I think my elf looks kinda sad. Not what I had in my head. Hopefully you can tell that's his shoe on my thumb. Oh well.

This challenge has been so fun so far. Can't wait to do the next week-full!

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