Thursday, December 01, 2011

31 Day Challenge

I'm actually going to try this challenge everybody! GO me! Lets see how many I will do out of 31.
This may seem like a stretch but day 1 is "What you love most about Christmas" and this was really hard for me. I love EVERYTHING about Christmas, the food, the lights, the presents, the smells, the warm feelings, the family time. So my mani symbolizes everything by using a glitter with everything.
I used Ruby Pumps, then a coat of Orly Love Each Other for extra shiine. Then just 1 coat of Rainbow Connection. So awesome! I keep staring at it. Hope you like all the pics of this awesomeness. As my SIL would say, "Its amazeballs!"
China Glaze Ruby Pumps

Added ORLY Love Each Other for extra shiney.


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3 comments from beautiful people!:

Polish and Charms said...

Very pretty!

Emma Thea said...

That last picture is so blingy!!

Julie said...

WHOA Kapow is RIGHT! haha, that last picture is awesome! Very pretty mani :)