Monday, October 31, 2011

Yay! Halloween Manis

I have my last two Halloween manis for you and if you are lucky I may even post my bad cell phone pic of one other.
The first one I used It's Alive! by China Glaze. I cut up a few of Claire's Bling Nail Stickers. Then topped with CG Fairy Dust and Seche Vite. I even drew a little spider on my thumb! He's a cute spidey!
Left hand under Ott Light.
R thumb with SPIDER!
R hand under Ott light.
L hand under Ott Light

L in Sun
R in Sun
Next up is my FAAAVVE mani I have ever done I think. Well on the last one I did like the ring finger on my right hand a lot. I never like my right hand but I managed to do a good enough job on these two manis to share it with you.

First I did a basecoat of Essie Demure Vix. I just love this color. Maybe its not right for my skin tone, but I like the way it has a slight plum shimmer to it. I even got it in the next shade darker, Merino Cool, but I haven't worn that one yet.
This is such a pretty color I think. Its like my only nude so it worked. I tried making a franken out of an old Avon french white color and adding a darker plum shade to make it more of a nude, but the consistency was like water so I said forget that!
Next I got out my tools and started using Milani Ready to Wear Red. I used a tutorial from here. Kayla did a great job on hers and I tried to make mine as awesome. I'd been wanting to do a bloody mani for a while, but Batman's grandma died and I didn't think it would be appropriate at a funeral so I waited.
Colors used: OPI Ridge Filling base coat, Essie Demre Vix,
Milani Ready to Wear Red, SOPI Brunette on the Internet,
Shades of the Seasons Shimmery Red, & Posche topcoat.
CVS Acetone

Palette, Orly small dotting tool, Cuticle sticks, (scrapbooking) tweezers
and sponge. Barielle Cuticle gel. I used a paintbrush too to cleanup.

Right hand! All pics taken under Ott light.
I would really have liked to use a different nude color but Demure Vix was all I had so I still think it looks good. I really like it and I think its perfect for Trick or Treating tonight. All my boys thought it was cool and that's all that matters right?

Ok so here is my crappy cell pic of a purple and orange french mani I did for the Halloween season. I had this on my nails when I went to World's of Fun (amusement park) with my sister. We rode roller coasters and walked thru haunted houses and trails there. Its so fun. We do it every October. So this pic was taken after a day of doing all that.
Here is me and my sis!
See the scary face behind us? 
Here we are on the Detonator. A ride consisting of twin 200-foot towers. Riders sit on a chair lift-type seat and are propelled straight up reaching a speed of 45 mph in one second with significant force.-From WoF website
And yes I am wearing a New Kids On The Block T-shirt! Cause I went to that concert and it was  A-MAZ-ING!!
So then we had the funeral to go to. My nails were painted a vampy red because I wanted to still be in the festive spirit but still be appropriate for a funeral.

Spiderman took this pic of me cause he said Mommy is prettys. My sister in law colored my hair too. Notice its darker and redder here than in the WoF pics? Yeah its a pretty dark change for me cause I am so used to being blonde. But everyone says it looks good on my skin tone so I'm rolling with it.
Here is another pic from my iPhone just so I could show off my new hair color.
I did a cool photoshop app on it too.
And here is a 16x20" canvas board I made for Grandma's funeral.
The funeral home makes these boards with pictures on them for the deceased and I made this one myself.
Batman's mom added pictures to it and it was displayed at the visitation and funeral.

Ok well I hope you enjoyed seeing my Halloween manis and a ton of other pics. Tell me what you think!

3 comments from beautiful people!:

Jennifer Scull said...

first off I wish I had nails as pretty as yours to have those great manis... next, WOW! you did an amazing job! each one of them is awesome! I'm a pedi nut myself, but can only afford to get them once every few years. but they are soooooooo wonderful. thanks for sharing! :)

Arielle said...

Thanks Jennifer! If you lived closer, I'd do your nails!

keshapooh said...

Very cool nail designs. Your cards are wonderful as well. Thanks for sharing.