Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Big long lucious nail post!!

I got some nail mail today from my friend Kim...Thank you KIM! You are awesome!

I got a couple polishes that looked similar to some that I already had so I decided to do some comparison swatches. Click the pictures to see them bigger.
The first I want to compare looked really similar in the bottles.
They are Sephora for OPI's Mash-Up
& Wet N Wild Grey's Anatomy.

I just found a blog that already did this comparison so if you want to see what The PolishAholic says about these two, feel free.

OF course the Wet&Wild polish is cheaper, but in my opinion, you don't NEED both of these because they are so similar. But they are NOT completely the same. They are both very pretty duochromes that show different colors in different lights/angles. You can see Silver, lavender, and greenish/blue. They both need at least two coats for opacity. Typically I like to put a glitter on top of my plain/non-glittery polishes, but I think I'd wear this one alone because of its shiny/color-changing goodness.
I think the OPI polish has more pinky tones in it and the W&W has more blue/grey.
Overall, I like them but I am sure I will only use the OPI one more cause I think it looks better with my skin tone.
Next are two gorgeous gold polishes.

The left one (on my middle finger) is Revlon Copper Penny. The other is Sephora for OPI Rumba Romance.
Copper Penny is, as the name suggests, a copper metallic.  It's extremely pigmented and was even and opaque in one coat.  The picture is taken in the sunlight and i think both of these metallics are super shiny even without the top coat.
The color is a beautiful bronzey-pumpkin shade with small shimmery bits! Hello, pumpkin pie! I think this is a FABULOUS fall shade and I am glad to add it to my collection.

Next I have a bunch of glitters. I LOVE spark-EL-IES! I have soooo many glitter polishes. I love to layer them over anything. Here is a swatch of 4 of my glitters.
These polishes are so pretty! I hate that they are so hard to take off, but they are so worth it.
Ulta's After Party is a mix of silver, gold and red micro glitter in a clear base. The polish went on evenly.
Strobe Light, pink and big chunks of silver holographic glitter in a clear base.
Rockstar Pink is a fabulous multi pink glitter. Red, Pink, Purple, Blue glitter in a clear base.
Sinful Colors Frenzy is a clear base with round purple and blue glitter.
  It took me 2 coats to get all the looks you see above.
I think all of these polishes will look great over anything. I am looking forward to trying them all over white and black.

What do you think? Do you have/like/love/hate any of these?

Also check out these AWESOME nail blog giveaways! I totally need to win more polishes. I am totally jonesing for the new OPI Muppets collection. PLLLLEEEEEEAAAAASSSSEEEE make me a WINNER!

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